Mix of unit sizes
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Re: Accessibility features
         REPLIES FROM:  Ellen Keyne Seebacher-34323, bonnie

Early Bird Registration for The National Cohousing Conference June 13-16 in 
Oakland Ends 3/31- Come join the Crowd!
         FROM:  Barb Bansenauer-34347

Mix of unit size?   FROM:  Christina Smillie-34326
         REPLIES FROM:  Sharon Villines-34330, Nancy
         Baumeister-34331, Christina Smillie-34332, Christina
         Smillie-34333, R Philip Dowds-34337

New website for community living   FROM:  usatslipperyslope-34327

Property in Vermont available for Cohousing
         FROM:  Fred H Olson-34329

Secret life of buttons   FROM:  Karen Carlson-34325

Senior Cohousing in the Eastern US?   FROM:  Fred H Olson-34328
         REPLY FROM:  Diana Fox-34336

Shareable units in cohousing (was Unit mix/size)
         FROM:  rhmorrison-34344

Unit mix/size   FROM:  Grace Kim-34334
         REPLIES FROM:  Dane Laverty-34335, Christina
         Smillie-34338, Sharon Villines-34339, Lautner,
         Patricia-34340, Fred H Olson-34341, Mariana
         Almeida-34342, Sharon Villines-34343, R.N.
         Johnson-34345, Thomas Lofft-34346
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