Meal cleaners / dishwashers
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Re:  Meal Cleaners -- any good solutions for getting 'em?
         REPLIES FROM:  Fred H Olson-34704, Fred H Olson-34705

Re: about meal cleaners
         REPLY FROM:  R.P. Aditya-34721

Clean up + Dishwashers   FROM:  Ruth Hirsch-34730
         REPLY FROM:  Sharon Villines-34731

Common spaces and decision making   FROM:  Greg Nelson-34749
         REPLIES FROM:  oz-34753, Sharon Villines-34754, Sharon

Dishwashers (related to thread on common meals clean up)
         FROM:  Joani Blank-34722
         REPLIES FROM:  Sharon Villines-34724, Joani Blank-34726,
         Sharon Villines-34727, Joanie Connors-34728, John
         Carver-34734, Jessie Kome-34738

Re: Dishwashers / Sanitizing
         REPLIES FROM:  R.N. Johnson-34732, Sharon Villines-34733

Re: dishwashers
         REPLY FROM:  Lynn Nadeau / Maraiah-34737

Re: dishwashing topic
         REPLIES FROM:  Martha Wagner-34735, Sharon
         Villines-34736, John Patterson-34739, Martha

Re: dishwashing volunteers
         REPLY FROM:  Lynn Nadeau / Maraiah-34744

Fiduciary Responsibilities - Taking Care of the Community
         FROM:  Norman Gauss-34740
         REPLIES FROM:  oz-34742, Norman Gauss-34743, David
         Clements and Evan Richardson-34747, Mariana

For sale: 1-2 bedroom unit at Pioneer Valley Cohousing on Amherst, MA
         FROM:  Alan Parrish-34723

Re: Meal cleaners
         REPLIES FROM:  Bryan Syverson-34709, R.P. Aditya-34713,
         Sharon Villines-34714, Joanie Connors-34715, R.P.
         Aditya-34716, Sharon Villines-34717, Sharon
         Villines-34718, R.P. Aditya-34719, Sharon Villines-34720

Organizational Design [was Meal cleaners]
         FROM:  Sharon Villines-34712


Promoting Health & Self-Care in Cohousing
         FROM:  Charles Maclean-34711
         REPLIES FROM:  Bob Morrison-34745, Sharon
         Villines-34746, R.N. Johnson-34750, Elizabeth
         Magill-34751, Deborah Nagle-Burks-34752

Re: Sociocracy
         REPLY FROM:  davidaclements2-34756

Two-bedroom Condo For Sale at JP Cohousing in Boston
         FROM:  Dave and Diane-34710

Will there be a national cohousing conference next year?
         FROM:  Bob Morrison-34707
         REPLY FROM:  Catya Belfer-34708

Zev's personal development quote   FROM:  oz-34725
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