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a question about hiring landscapers   FROM:  S. Kashdan-34792
         REPLIES FROM:  Sharon Villines-34793, R Philip
         Dowds-34794, Wayne Tyson-34804

a question about hiring landscapers (and other contractors)
         FROM:  Thomas Lofft-34799

A RARE opportunity to rent at Swan's Market Cohousing - starting August 1, 2012!
         FROM:  Neil Planchon-34798

ADA - Universal Design   FROM:  Susan Coberly-34844
         REPLY FROM:  Mary English-34845

ADA Doors   FROM:  John Leet-34846

Affordable Housing:  Rentals vs For Sale   FROM:  Marty Maskall-34809
         REPLIES FROM:  Sharon Villines-34810, Elizabeth
         Magill-34815, Sharon Villines-34817

Americans with Disabilities Act - Title III
         FROM:  Norman Gauss-34813
         REPLIES FROM:  R Philip Dowds-34814, Catya Belfer-34816,
         Norman Gauss-34819, R Philip Dowds-34820, Sharon
         Villines-34821, Sharon Villines-34822, Ann
         Zabaldo-34823, Catya Belfer-34824, Norman Gauss-34825, R
         Philip Dowds-34826, R Philip Dowds-34827, Elizabeth
         Magill-34828, Grace Kim-34829, Diana Carroll-34830, R
         Philip Dowds-34831, R Philip Dowds-34832, Sharon
         Villines-34833, Sharon Villines-34834, Elizabeth
         Magill-34835, R Philip Dowds-34836, Diana Carroll-34837,
         R Philip Dowds-34838, Diana Carroll-34839, Grace

Assume Option Is In [was Solving the Cooking Challenge
         FROM:  Sharon Villines-34863

Construction and Development Loans   FROM:  Zev Paiss-34808
         REPLY FROM:  Tim-34812

Dallas Cohousing Has Site!   FROM:  Angela Alston-34865

Different world-views in CoHo (was Re: Elevator Buildings)
         FROM:  Greg Nelson-34801
         REPLIES FROM:  Sharon Villines-34802, oz-34803, R.N.
         Johnson-34872, Fred H Olson-34874

Re: Different world-views in CoHo
         REPLY FROM:  marganne-34873

Re: e: Inclusionary Zoning and Assessments / AMI
         REPLIES FROM:  R.N. Johnson-34787, Kristina Muten-34788

Energy and Idealism   FROM:  Sharon Villines-34857
         REPLIES FROM:  oz-34858, Sharon Villines-34862, oz-34871

Help with meals problem   FROM:  Laurie Friedman-34850
         REPLIES FROM:  Laura Fitch-34851, Don Benson-34852,
         Douglas G. Larson-34854, R.N. Johnson-34875, Don

Re: Help with meals problem / Affinity work team
         REPLY FROM:  Kay Wilson Fisk-34853

In the Hudson Valley   FROM:  Ruth Hirsch-34811

Re: Inclusionary Zoning and Assessments
         REPLIES FROM:  Sharon Villines-34790, Elizabeth
         Magill-34791, Sharon Villines-34796, Pastor Liz-34797,
         Catya Belfer-34800, Sharon Villines-34805, Elizabeth
         Magill-34806, Diana Carroll-34807

Life Is Easier With Friends Next Door   FROM:  Kay Wilson Fisk-34818
         REPLIES FROM:  Kay Wilson Fisk-34840, Muriel

More on Janelle Orsi - Cohousing Attorney (was Re: Worker Coops and the Law)
         FROM:  oz-34867
         REPLY FROM:  oz-34870

renewable energy and green building tax incentive outline
         FROM:  Jerome Garciano-34877

rotation system for serving on teams   FROM:  Martha Wagner-34843

Sociocracy workshop September 3 in Louisa, VA
         FROM:  Jerry Koch-Gonzalez-34848

Solving the Cooking Challenge   FROM:  Zev Paiss-34861
         REPLIES FROM:  Holly McNutt-34864, Elizabeth
         Magill-34866, Don Benson-34868, David L. Mandel-34869

The Secret to Sustainable Urban (and Rural?) Living?
         FROM:  Thomas Lofft-34795

Universal Design   FROM:  Thomas Lofft-34847

Wannabees   FROM:  Judith Allee-34789

Within Reach movie tonight in San Francisco: only NorCal showing
         FROM:  Raines Cohen-34855

Re: Worker Coops and the Law
         REPLIES FROM:  Eric Giegerich-34849, Liz Ryan
         Cole-34859, Ann Zabaldo-34860
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