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Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2012 14:44:00 -0800 (PST)
In the last summary on Nov 12 I wrote:

>I think about discontinuing the summaries.  Does anyone actually
>use these summaries? If not, why do I send them? I need some feedback.
>Please send me a note at
>Fred Olson <fholson [at]> cohousing-L list manager

I got no responses so I am planning to discontinue the summaries.
I am thinking of setting up a simple monthly reminder subscribers
may want to browse recent Cohousing-L posts in the archives:


Cohousing-L msg summary for Nov 11 to Nov 27 2012, msg# 35128 - 35216
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A question about resold units   FROM:  Shari Hirst-35205
         REPLIES FROM:  Lautner, Patricia-35207, Ann
         Zabaldo-35208, Shari Hirst-35209, Sharon Villines-35210,
         Ann Zabaldo-35212

AED for common house   FROM:  Lynn Nadeau / Maraiah-35197
         REPLIES FROM:  fergyb2-35198, Sharon Villines-35199,
         Eris Weaver-35202, audrey-35206, davidbygott [at]

Another question on laundry   FROM:  PatZy-35188
         REPLY FROM:  Douglas G. Larson-35189

Babysitting coops ... Know of any in cohousing?
         FROM:  Stephan Sylvan-35137
         REPLY FROM:  Sharon Villines-35142

Common laundry question   FROM:  Jerry McIntire-35135
         REPLIES FROM:  Irmgard Kravogel-35136, Lautner,
         Patricia-35138, fergyb2-35143, Catya Belfer-35156, Ruth
         Hirsch-35157, Douglas G. Larson-35158, Sharon
         Villines-35162, Jerry McIntire-35164, Diana
         Carroll-35165, Karen Carlson-35166, Richard L.
         Kohlhaas-35167, Lautner, Patricia-35168, Lynn Nadeau /
         Maraiah-35169, R.N. Johnson-35170, Susan Hyne-35172,
         Jerry McIntire-35173, fergyb2-35174, Nancy
         Baumeister-35175, Nancy Baumeister-35176, Nancy
         Baumeister-35177, Nancy Baumeister-35178, Sharon
         Villines-35179, Sharon Villines-35180, Susan Hyne-35181,
         Joanie Connors-35182, Zev Paiss-35183, Jerry
         McIntire-35184, Thomas Lofft-35187, R.N. Johnson-35215,
         Sharon Villines-35216

Equity Funding agreements   FROM:  Marion Pape-35186

FHA [was A question about resold units   FROM:  Sharon Villines-35213

FUTURE PERFECT: Advice for Forming Communities on Getting the Work Done
         FROM:  Ann Zabaldo-35140
         REPLY FROM:  Christine Johnson-35147

Getting The Work Done   FROM:  Thomas Lofft-35128
         REPLY FROM:  Sharon Villines-35130

Re: Getting the work done
         REPLIES FROM:  Lynn Nadeau / Maraiah-35131, Sharon
         Villines-35132, Fred H Olson-35139, Sharon
         Villines-35141, Barbara Smith-35149, R.N. Johnson-35150,
         Sharon Villines-35151, R Philip Dowds-35155, Sharon
         Villines-35159, Sharon Villines-35160, R Philip
         Dowds-35161, Sharon Villines-35163

Information sign/kiosk   FROM:  Nessa Dertnig-35152

Language   FROM:  Sharon Villines-35145
         REPLIES FROM:  Four Cat House-35146, Sharon
         Villines-35190, Eris Weaver-35193, Pastor Liz-35194,
         Diane-35195, Sharon Villines-35196, Sharon
         Villines-35200, Eris Weaver-35201, Sharon Villines-35203

Laundry facilities in co-housing   FROM:  Fred H Olson-35191
         REPLY FROM:  Nancy Baumeister-35192

Portland, OR Coho Vacation Rental Jan-Feb, 2013
         FROM:  Charles Maclean-35214

selling agreements in cohousing   FROM:  Ron Czecholinski-35204

Subject: Re:  Common laundry question   FROM:  Jerry McIntire-35153
         REPLY FROM:  fergyb2-35154

washers/dryers   FROM:  Harriet Lewis-35144

What next after group forms?   FROM:  John Leet-35133
         REPLIES FROM:  Don Benson-35134, Michael Barrett-35148,
         Sharon Villines-35185 email glitch   FROM:  Catya Belfer-35129
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