Fwd: Tell the EPA: Tighten Restrictions on Fracking Now
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Date: Mon, 19 May 2014 13:22:55 -0700 (PDT)
A fracking petition from Rev. Sally Bingham of Interfaith Power & Light.

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Subject: Tell the EPA: Tighten Restrictions on Fracking Now
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Dear Scott,
[image: Ask EPA to tighten restrictions on

it seems that there are no limits to what people will do to avoid using the
clean renewable energy that nature has provided.

The oil industry’s newest tactic is “fracking” – short for hydrofracturing.
It involves injecting the earth with chemicals, diesel fuel, water and sand
to unlock oil and gas. It can also release methane into the air and
radioactive elements underground, contaminate groundwater and many believe
that it could destabilize faults and create earthquakes.

But fracking is so minimally regulated that we don’t even know what
chemicals are used or what health effects they may have.

*Click here to tell the EPA: It’s time to regulate fracking.

We need more information and better safeguards, so we can make informed
decisions about the risks we are taking and the enormous amount of water
used to extract the oil and gas.

*We can’t allow fracking to continue without knowing the consequences.
That’s why we need to protect nature right now and put stronger regulations
on fracking. **We have a moral imperative to speak up.*

*Click here to join us in asking the EPA for stronger regulations on

The scary stories keep piling up: first a Texas family suffering from
migraines, nose bleeds and vomiting, and now a cascade of man-made
earthquakes in Oklahoma.

It’s critical that we find out if fracking is the cause.

>From Pennsylvania to California, fracking is on the rise, and that means a
real risk of more methane leaks (methane is a potent greenhouse gas) and
compromised water supplies for hundreds of thousands of Americans.

It’s not right or sensible to take this kind of risk with our God-given
resources and with human health.

*Sign our petition today and tell the EPA: Unless and until we know for
sure that fracking can be done safely, we need stronger safeguards put in
place right away.

Thank you for helping us meet this challenge.

Rev. Sally Bingham
President, Interfaith Power & Light


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