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I'm sending this because I like the cartoon. I also enjoy reading George
Monbiot; his blog entry can be found on the list as well.

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*Environmental Action - petition *Giant media companies choosing to protect


*Canada - Oil Pipeline Expansion Presents A Whale Of A Problem *Kinder
Morgan’s plans to expand pipeline pose major environmental threats,
especially to whale populations still reeling from past oil spills & noise


*Oil sands pollutants contaminate traditional First Nations' foods: report *

*Billionaire Koch brothers are big oil players in Alberta *Ultra-right Koch
brothers, little-known to Canadians, are major players in Alberta's oil
patch, where control 1.1 million acres.


*From Gov. Jerry Brown On Down, Too Many California Democrats Sell Out On
Fracking And Climate Change *Top Democrats ignore 2/3 of Californians who
want fracking moratorium.


*5 Shocking Places Where Fracking Is Taking Off *CA farmlands, Pacific
Coast, FL tropics, Great Lakes, next to Natl Parks


*CO - Another Sacrifice Zone Courtesy of Fracking - video *Cache La Poudre
River, National Heritage Area, & home to Colorado’s only naturally self-
sustaining wild trout population, contaminated by 7,500 gallons of crude
oil, hazardous liquid waste, produced water & other fracking industry
chemicals after well-pad engulfed by floodwaters from unusually heavy


*One Man's Mission to Curb Illegal Dumping of Texas Frack Waste *

*Energy deals rebound in 2014 as shale plays trump oil sands *

*Groundwater, Noise, Odors Top Colorado Oil & Gas Complaints *If you
believe natural gas or oil operation near your house is making you sick -
how would you voice your concerns? Answers to questions vary widely state
to state: CO - Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission respond to
complaints & log them in public database. ND - complaint will be logged &
addressed, but database isn’t public. WY -  state health officials aren’t
systematically tracking oil & gas-related health complaints at all. PA -
investigation from StateImpact complaint might simply be ignored.  Must be
in central database? Complaints together can expose broader trends or areas
that need intervention.  Inside Energy explored how  focus states reacted.


*Energy companies say disposal wells are central to Oklahoma's oil, gas
operations *Wastewater disposal wells, which some have linked to OK’s
recent earthquake swarms, are  important part of state’s oil & natural gas


*Exxon's Burst Pipeline Could Restart Within a Year, but Repair Plan May Be
Inadequate *Exxon's pipeline stress test plan may leave crack threats
lurking in 1940s-era pipe.


*New Study: What Fracking Can Do to Your Hormones *

*NC - House Coal-ash Bill Raises Concerns about Groundwater Rules *

*Lawsuits seek to stop work at mines in 3 states *NM, CO,MT


*Rolling Coal - 2 videos *Conservatives who show annoyance with liberals,
Obama, & EPA. “Prius Repellent” in back window, spray black smoke on them.


*George Monbiot - A Legal Duty to Maximise Greenhouse Gases *

*Taking Oil Industry Cue, Environmentalists Drew Emissions Blueprint *In
Nov. 2010, 3 combatants gathered to build carbon emissions policy they
hoped to sell to Obama admin. Lawyer David Doniger wielded Clean Air Act
since days at UCal, Berkeley. Lawyer David Hawkins turned to practicing
environmental law & writing fed regs to curb pollution. Daniel Lashof,
climate scientist, fixture on Capitol Hill. Seasoned & well connected as
D.C.’s best-paid lobbyists due to decades of experience & relationships
they formed.


*Oil Production Numbers Keep Going Down *

*CEO Of One Of The World's Largest Energy Majors "Sees No Reason For
Petrodollar" *US fast running out of friends to support its 'exorbitant
privilege'. Having alienated Germans over NSA-eavesdropping, 'boomerang'd
Russians into de-dollarization, tariffed & quantitatively eased China into
diversification, & finally 'punished' France into discussing dollar's
demise; no lessor person than CEO of Total (world's 13th biggest oil
producer & EU's 2nd largest), believes "There is no reason to pay for oil
in dollars."  We have passed peak Petrodollar.


*Money from Koch interests flows to TX governor candidate Greg Abbott *He
keeps info on fertilizer that killed 15 people secret


*9 things that make air pollution bearable *

*Energy Department announces $4 billion renewable energy loan program *

*Why Tiny Barbados Is Beating the U.S. on Road to Renewables *

*Australia - Even if coal were free, it couldn’t compete with solar *For
1st time, wholesale price of electricity in Queensland fell into negative
territory.  Several reasons: restricted interconnector to NSW added to
volatile trading, plus uncertainty about carbon price. But overall
softening of prices due to newest & one of biggest power stations - rooftop
solar PV.


*Homebuilders, Restaurants Herald Cracks in Japan’s Power Market *# of
companies registered to sell electricity in Japan has doubled to 274 from
106 in Sept. List includes everything from restaurants to homebuilder. Some
of new entrants taking advantage of above-market rates Japan began offering
to producers of clean energy 2 years ago. Incentives, combined with govt’s
promise to open retail market to more players to spur innovation &
competition, promise healthy returns for small-sized energy producers
previously shut out of market.


*Tom Steyer - Aims of Donor Are Shadowed by Past in Coal * Tom Steyer, most
influential environmentalist in US politics, vowed to spend $100 million to
defeat candidates who oppose policies to combat climate change.  He vowed
he would sell off investments in companies that generate fossil fuels.  But
examination of investments shows that coal-related projects his firm
bankrolled earlier will generate millions of tons of CO2 for years.


*Canadians Using “Harper” as a Swear Word — “Go Harper Yourself” *
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