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A video to see and share, a petition to sign.

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Subject: VIDEO:SULFIDE MINE DISASTER:Is this what YOU want for N.MN? -

PolyMet proposing *sulfide mines like this in northern MN--near Lake
Superior, BWCA & Native American lands*.
More info on Aug. 15 edition of CATALYST at www.kfai.org

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Subject: You won't believe this shocking video

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Dear James,
 [image: Mount Polley mine disaster]
 Don't let this happen in Minnesota!
Ask your decision makers to watch this video.
When we first saw this video
showing over a billion gallons of toxic water and heavy metal contaminated
sludge flowing out of a Canadian sulfide mine, we thought it was from a
movie. But it is all too real.

The Mount Polley mine in British Columbia was a state of the art, modern
copper mine that had been touted as a shining example of how sulfide mining
can co-exist with clean water. Now, the head scientist at Vancouver
Aquarium’s ocean pollution research program says it is “virtually
impossible to clean up†the mess left behind after this catastrophe.

 We can’t let this happen in Minnesota.

PolyMet’s mine plan is being reviewed by Knight Piesold, the same company
that designed the tailings dam that failed in Canada! Two employees of
Knight Piesold are listed as “preparers†for the PolyMet Supplemental
Draft Environmental Impact Statement.

If you think that your legislators should see this video, tell them to
watch it. Click here
<http://my.conservationminnesota.org/site/R?i=gVAAFjC1ve1NwvbMyvMm3A> and
you can send them the link along with a message asking them to protect
Minnesota from a calamity like this.
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