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Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2014 02:51:53 -0700 (PDT)
 Scott, Mark, Beth & Everyone -

The climate may dry out later Saturday.
I've seen another excellent film about a Music & Memory experimental treatment 
elderly handicapped people with dementia, Altzheimer's, ALS and other diseases.
The title "ALIVE INSIDE".  Playing at the Edina on 50th St.,  Now showing thru
Sept. 4th.  Ruth Agar may organize a group to go see it from FUS.

Scary: there are 5 mi. people with Altzheimer's now.  In 10 years there are
likely going to be Double that number.  What shall we do?!  The population
charts  quoted are just as frightening.

John Hamlet

See the attached file for a look at Make Tea  -  Not War                 


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I drilled down and found out there's a 'Disruption' screening at MCAD on
September 7 at 7 pm. I've put it on my calendar. If the trailer is any
indication, the film should be powerful and energizing.

Scott Jackson
sjackzen46 [at]

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There’s no replacement for masses of people standing shoulder to shoulder
to demand change.

Have you ever felt that energy? If you’re looking for hope, there’s nothing
like it. But we can capture a little bit of that magic with a movie -- and
now the People’s Climate March has one!

*Here's the brand-new trailer for Disruption
a movie for the climate movement that we’re hoping will galvanize a new
wave of climate action and climate leadership this fall:

[image: Watch the Disruption Trailer]

*Click here to watch the trailer.*

*Disruption* will be released for free online on September 7 -- and on that
day there will also be independent screenings and house parties around the
country to watch the movie in groups. Together, we’ll gather in movie
theaters, church basements, and living rooms -- to get a taste of that
movement energy, while building toward something even bigger.

*Click here to watch and share the trailer and to learn more about local
screening events.

Hosting is easy -- all you need is a way to stream video from the internet
(like a YouTube video) for your audience. Register your event, do a little
outreach, and set aside a few hours for the screening itself.

The timing couldn’t be better. This fall, the climate movement *is* going
to be standing shoulder to shoulder to demand change: On September 21st --
just before the U.N. Climate Summit in New York City -- the People’s
Climate March <>
will bring us together for an historic convergence.

We hope *Disruption* helps you and your community get moving (to New York
and beyond).



P.S. Two minutes usually isn't enough to make much of an impact -- but this
trailer gives me goosebumps. Seriously, go watch and share it.
 ------------------------------ <> is building a global
climate movement. Become a sustaining donor to keep this movement strong
and growing. <>

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