Fwd: VIDEO: Urgent action to Keep the Oil in the Ground in the Amazon
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Another petition to sign, another short and impactful video to watch, and
always a planet - our Mother - to save.

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Subject: VIDEO: Urgent action to Keep the Oil in the Ground in the Amazon

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As world leaders gather in New York for an emergency summit on climate
change, people will be taking to the streets in the largest climate march
in history to demand urgent action. According to the International Energy
Agency, two-thirds of all fossil fuels must remain in the ground if we are
to avoid a two-degree Celsius rise in temperature that will lead to
catastrophic climate collapse. We know we need to keep oil and coal in the
ground, so why are we looking for more?

 Sign the global petition to stop new drilling in the Amazon!

The Amazon rainforest is an unparalleled global treasure. As the world's
largest and most biologically diverse tropical forest covering an area
larger than the continental US, the Amazon houses one-third of the earth's
plant and animal species, produces a fifth of the world's fresh water and
plays a critical role in regulating our global climate as it produces
oxygen, absorbs carbon, and drives global weather patterns.

The Amazon is also home to nearly 400 distinct indigenous peoples that
depend on this biodiverse region for their physical and cultural survival.
For decades, indigenous peoples have protected the rainforest from oil
companies and governments in their endless quest to extract fossil fuels.

We need to avoid the toxic legacy of oil contamination caused by drilling
in the Amazon, respect indigenous rights and territories, and invest in
truly clean and renewable energy. Act today by signing our global call to
keep the oil in the ground in the Amazon.

For the Amazon and our global climate,

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Leila Salazar-Lopez
Program Director

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