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This may be of interest.

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Subject: Web Workshop: Labor Unions, Climate Change & the Fight for a Just
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 Hi friends,

Economic justice and workers' rights are deeply entwined with the movement
for climate justice, and labor unions can be powerful allies for divestment
campaigners. That's why I'm so excited for this week's web workshop. Check
it out:

*WHAT:* Labor Unions, Climate Change, and the Fight for a Just Transition
*WHEN:* Wednesday, November 5th, 5:30 PM PT/ 8:30 PM ET
*WHERE:* Online! We'll send you the link when you sign up.

*Click here to RSVP.

After taking a short break, the Wednesday Web Workshop series is back with
a really amazing panel:

*Brooke Anderson* is a staff member at Movement Generation Justice &
Ecology Project and a former union organizer. Previously, she coordinated
the release of a letter from 60+ environmental and climate justice
organizations to the AFL-CIO
<http://act.350.org/go/6321?t=2&akid=5509.1105958.0EyDzx> (an excellent
resource to reference before the event, if you have time).

*Jeremy Brecher* is a historian, winner of five regional Emmy awards for
his documentary movie work, activist, and author of more than a dozen books
on labor and social movements. His book *Strike!* was described by Prof.
Richard Flacks, UC Santa Barbara, as “the single most important book about
the history of the American labor movement published in our time.”

*XiuMin Li *is a Union Representative at SEIU 2021, a union representing
over 54,000 city, county, and nonprofit workers in San Francisco. She
writes about social justice and the environment at blueechoes.org and
the Huffington Post.

Our panel will talk about how climate disruption impacts union members, how
unions and climate activists can work together, and how to get started
building union alliances as part of your own organizing work.

*This one is not to be missed. Click here to register.

On we go,


P.S. There's a fantastic New York Times op-ed on fossil fuel divestment
that just came out, and we want to spread it far and wide. Will you
help? *Click
here to read "The Missing Climate Campus Debate"
<http://act.350.org/go/6322?t=4&akid=5509.1105958.0EyDzx>* (then use the
NYT's share buttons to email it to all your friends who care about
divestment -- if it gets emailed enough, the NYT will feature it more


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