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From: Scott Jackson (sjackzen46gmail.com)
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2014 14:35:30 -0800 (PST)
Perhaps participating in this UUA-endorsed event would interest MUUSJA

Scott Jackson
sjackzen46 [at] gmail.com

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Subject: Fwd: Lighting the Way
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Hi Julia, Erin, and Claire,

OurVoices's global, multi-faith prayer vigil sounds like something MNIPL
would be interested in.

Scott Jackson
sjackzen46 [at] gmail.com

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Date: Tue, Nov 25, 2014 at 2:04 PM
Subject: Lighting the Way
To: Scott Jackson <sjackzen46 [at] gmail.com>

    Scott --

“To change everything we need everyone.” This slogan of the People’s
Climate March spoke to the coming together of people from every community
and interest group, and also the fact that the march coincided with the
United Nations Climate Summit in New York.

In order to halt climate change we need all countries to join the struggle.

[image: Candle]
You can help. Next week Commit2Respond is joining OurVoices for
a global, multi-faith prayer vigil, at the invitation of endorser group
GreenFaith.December 1-12 is the next opportunity to call on our leaders for
climate justice. At the annual United Nations Climate Change Conference,
held this year in Lima, Peru, leaders will establish the fundamentals of an
agreement to be honed over the coming year and signed in Paris next

Each evening from December 1-7, households and communities around the world
will light a candle, a chalice, or a solar lamp and pray, meditate, or
offer an invocation for a climate agreement. Then we’ll take a photo and
post it on Facebook or Twitter with our hopes for the future and the tags
#LightForLima and #Commit2Respond.

On the evening of Sunday, December 7, people around the world from diverse
faith and spiritual communities will gather for vigils. Take action: join
or organize a vigil

Time is running out for a strong climate agreement. World leaders in Lima
need to know that people of all faiths and spiritualties are holding them
in our thoughts, meditations, and prayers—supporting their efforts to reach
an agreement and bearing witness to their decisions. Our lights will guide
the way.

In hope,
Your fellow Commit2Respond leaders


Commit2Respond · MA, United States
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