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Here's an email from Rising Tide North America about the People's Summit
and the movement for climate/environmental justice at COP20, Lima. I was
asked to share it, and so I have. I'm still hopeful that MN350 will pull
together some kind of climate/environmental justice initiative/team.

Scott Jackson
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   Rising Tide North America Confronting the Roots Causes of Climate
Change  December
2014  *Solidarity & Resistance at COP20, Lima*

[image: Change the System, Not the Climate]

Dear Friends,

An answer to the climate crisis is emerging right now from Lima, Peru, but
it’s not COP20.

Early this morning at COP 20, political elites finished haggling over a
draft UN climate deal that they hope to ratify next year in Paris. It’s a
bad deal. It is narrowly focused on unenforceable commitments to reduce
greenhouse gas emissions. Those reductions won’t even begin till after 2020
and won’t keep temperature rises below two degrees celsius. At the same
time, rich countries, and the corporate lobbyists behind them, worked for a
deal that won’t stop them from expanding the extractive industries cooking
the planet. And it does next to nothing to help poor nations adapt to
climate change and sustainably lift their people out of poverty.

*But outside COP20, a real response to the crisis is emerging: solidarity
and resistance.*

Thousands of people, representing indigenous communities and their allies
from all over Latin America and the world came together for the Cumbre De
Los Pueblos, (People’s Summit).

The People’s Summit was an unprecedented moment, particularly for bringing
together so many communities from the Amazon and Andean Highlands of Peru,
Bolivia and Ecuador. Many of these communities are actively resisting
extractive projects like gold mining, petroleum extraction, and logging.
These communities are connecting their struggles to protect their water
from extraction, forests from expropriation and communities from state
violence around a framework of justicia climática (climate justice). They
are addressing the need to confront neoliberal capital, the system that
finances and drives the climate crisis.

*If movements for climate just are to continue to grow and connect
globally, and provide a real answer to the climate crisis, we can't let the
media bury this story.*

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*Are you ready for the global climate resistance? Story & photos from
#COP20Lima: http://t.co/5nFVeclKOs <http://t.co/5nFVeclKOs>  --#COP20
http://t.co/l2D1OptjFH <http://t.co/l2D1OptjFH>*

[image: Nilda Rojas speaks out against government involvement in the
People's Summit]

The People’s summit hasn’t just created a space for solidarity. Its also
created a space for resistance. The communities present are demanding
autonomy, so when the news broke that Evo Morales, the President of
Bolivia, might speak at the event, many were furious. Nilda Rojas, an
Indigenous woman of Consejo Nacional de Ayllus y Markas del Qullasuyu
explained that a summit with government officials is not a peoples summit.
Her community faces state violence that Evo Morales is responsible for. His
presence would undercut the autonomy and potential of the summit and
communities fighting for their land and water.

People rallied against government inclusion. On Monday, activists with the
Ecuadoran group YASunidos used drums and banners to disrupted a speach by
the mayor of Lima. After the disruption, Caravana Climática used its radio
equipment to broadcast and amplify voices from dozens of indigenous
communities saying they were unhappy with government inclusion. The dissent
spread, and in the end Evo Morales did not speak.

[image: Community members from Cajamarca march against the Conga gold mine.]

On Tuesday, hundreds from  the region of Cajamarca, Peru arrived in Lima.
They immediately took the streets with a giant, river like banner. The
people of Cajamarca are fighting the expansion of one of the largest open
pit gold mines on the planet, Minas Conga, owned by the U.S. based Newmont
Mining Corporation. The energy intensive mine threatens the water supply of
Cajamarca, and state repression of protests has lead to the murder of at
least five community members.

On Wednesday, up to 20,000 people took the streets in Lima to march in
defense of Mother Earth. Nowhere in this march of 20,000 indigenous people,
ecologists, feminists, anti-capitalists, could you get away from beautiful
banners, and contagious protest songs for land and water and against
neoliberal imperialism.

[image: Police stop marchers confronting the World Climate Summit where
corporate lobbyists met in Lima.]

Demonstrators also confronted the World Climate Summit, a meeting of
representatives from Multinational corporations. Even though the Police had
used tear gas to disperse the initial march, many reconvened in a park
closer to the Hilton where the corporate summit was gathering. We marched
straight to the Hilton but were stopped one block from the target by a
dense police line. In sight of the summit, we held a rally, standing in
solidarity with those killed by state violence and denouncing the
multi-nationals poisoning our land, water and climate.

[image: "The Tried to Bury us but they didn't know we were seeds." Marchers
stand in solidarity with victims of state violence.]

*Photo: "They tried to bury us but they didn't know we we're seeds." A
slogan from the Mexican protests for the 43 Ayotzinapa students killed this
fall. Throughout the week protesters stood in solidarity with those killed
by the state violence that maintains corporate domination and the climate

If there is one lesson from the week, that is never doubt that you are
alone in the fight for climate justice. We are truly global, and growing,

*Make sure the political elites can't ignore our power. Share this story

As we learn to work together, we are creating a real answer to the climate
crisis, one based on communities protecting their land, water and forests
from the industries destroying the planet. We are coming together to keep
fossil fuels in the ground, ensure forests belong to the communities that
live there and demanding water be protected as a common good.

The political elites at COP20 won’t end the climate crisis. We will.

In Solidarity,
Rising Tide North America

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