Fwd: New Solidarity for White Folks Doing Racial Justice Training set for April 12th
From: Scott Jackson (sjackzen46gmail.com)
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2015 04:29:23 -0800 (PST)
If you haven't seen it yet, here's information about the new Solidarity for
White Folks Doing Racial Justice Work training session on April 12. I
registered for the initial training session in October but was unable to
attend, so I've registered for this session. I hope to see you there.

Scott Jackson
sjackzen46 [at] gmail.com

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From: Liz Loeb <elizabeth.loeb [at] gmail.com>
Date: Mon, Feb 9, 2015 at 6:20 PM
Subject: New Solidarity for White Folks Doing Racial Justice Training set
for April 12th
To: Susan Raffo <raffo95 [at] gmail.com>, Arif Mamdani <arif [at] mamdani.org>,
RIcardo Levins Morales <ricardolevinsmorales [at] gmail.com>

Amazing and beautiful people,

Hello! Hello out there! Thank you so much, once again, for all of the love
and energy that went into to October’s training.  I know you may have
already heard this on Facebook, but I wanted to reach out more deliberately
by email to this group to let you know that the feedback from October was
so encouraging and the experience so fabulous that we're getting ready to
do it again.

On *Sunday, April 12th, from 12pm - 5p.m. at Shir Tikvah Synagogue, 1300
Minnehaha Parkway MPLS. <https://www.facebook.com/events/456861801134609/>,
*we'll be pulling together another Solidarity Training for White Folks
Doing Racial Justice Work*.  *As the killings of black men, women, and
transfolks continue, we are a long way from rest, as our responsibilities
to justice and liberation continue to grow.

Once again, myself, Susan Raffo, Ricardo Levins Morales, and Arif Mamdani
will be facilitating.  The training will be free and will include food, a
comfortable setting, good acoustics, and mobility access.  Please let me
know if there are access issues that might make it easier for you to attend
and participate. Participants from October 2014 are welcome to join in
again.  We will cover some similar conversations, but there will be new
context, content, and people.  Also, as we know, this is not a one stop
shop or one-time thing.  It is an ongoing practice of shifting power,
showing up, and building relationships.

As with last time, we are going to make the training 100% community funded,
and although registration is free and open, we are asking participants to
contribute an amount that is meaningful to them to POC and Indigenous-led
healing space and justice work.

*The Facebook link with all the info is here

*The community investment link is here

*The registration link is here

*Like and share the Solidarity FB  page
<https://www.facebook.com/racialjusticeaction>to stay up to date.*

*If you would like to volunteer or talk one to one, just let me know! *

As core folks in this movement, I am asking you to help make this happen by
sharing, spreading the word, and engaging your folks.  I’m so excited and
grateful to be taking a new step in this necessary experiment with all of


Sample invite language:

Last fall, almost 200 organizers, neighbors, community members, people of
faith, and justice workers gathered to "train our intuition" towards new
practices of power and solidarity within a racial justice movement.

As the killings of black men, women, and transfolks continue, we are a long
way from rest.

Please join us for an gathering, workshop, training, and movement-building
convening on April 12, 2015 so that we may continue the work of struggle
and resistance.

The gathering will once again ask for open hearts and curious minds, and
will be facilitated Ricardo Levins Morales, Susan Raffo, Liz Loeb, and Arif

The afternoon will include lunch, snacks, coffee, tea, water,, comfortable
space with mobility access and good acoustics. We are committed to access
and affirmation in ways we know and ways we don't know, so please contact
Liz Loeb, Elizabeth.Loeb [at] gmail.com with specific needs.

As with the previous Solidarity training, the afternoon will once again be
free of charge, thanks to the investment and commitment of community
donors. We will ask, however, that each participant contributes an amount
that is meaningful to them to POC and Indigenous-led healing and justice
work. A funding link will soon be available. Additionally, we are still in
need of people to contribute to the costs of the training itself. Please go
to http://www.gofundme.com/racialjustice

Finally, space can only be guaranteed for folks who register ahead of time.
The registration link is:  http://www.eventbrite.com/e/

This training has been specifically designed for people who identify as
white and who are actively involved in racial justice work or multi-racial
organizing. The training will include reflection, skill building,
relationship-building, story-telling, and concrete action steps.
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