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For those of you who don't receive the daily email from *The Daily Climate*,
I'm sending today's edition along because the first three Top Stories
discuss railroads.

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Monday, March 16, 2015
 Today's climate news from around the world        Top Stories
     *Train deaths rise amid energy-driven rail transformation.

As railroad tracks become major conduits for oil, petroleum products,
and—not as widely noticed—materials like industrial sand, pipe, and
chemicals for the hydraulic fracturing of oil and natural gas wells, some
states are grappling with changed train routes, speeds and traffic patterns
that spell new hazards for pedestrians and motorists. Daily Climate
     *Fast-growing railroads will miss safety system deadline.

U.S. railroads plan to spend a record $29 billion on capital expansion this
year, but they will miss a legal deadline to deploy a high-tech safety
system by year-end. Daily Climate
     *Five ways energy change is transforming US railroads.

Crude oil, the fastest-growing rail commodity, is lifting other train
traffic in surprising ways. Railroads carry renewables, too. Trains are
fuel-efficient, but is all this new traffic cutting carbon emissions, or
increasing them? Daily Climate
     *"More Than Scientists" seeks to show human side of climate experts.

In a pivotal year for climate action, a new campaign seeks to head off
efforts to caricature climate scientists by showing who they are and why
they care about the planet's future. Daily Climate
     *UK's first 'poo bus' goes into regular service.

Powered by biomethane gas, the Bio-Bus will use waste from more than 32,000
households along its 15-mile route. Press Association
     *Batteries paired with solar panels could shake up electric utility
sector. <http://newsletters.dailyclimate.org/t/182850/122296/138167/0/>*

Emerging plans to pair residential solar panels with mass-produced
residential batteries are on the verge of confounding the electric power
industry. Chemical & Engineering News
     *Tesla to unveil update on Model S.

Tesla Motors Inc. will unveil on Thursday an update to its Model S that
will address its all-electric range in some form, the company’s chief
executive said Sunday in a tweet. Wall Street Journal
     [image: Climatestore Logo]

     *Officials blame climate change as Vanuatu picks up the pieces after
‘monster’ storm.

Two days after the vicious Cyclone Pam lashed this tiny island country,
Vanuatu residents are beginning the brutal business of accounting for its
causes and costs. Washington Post
     *Epic drought changes life at Lake Tahoe.

California's epic drought, entering its perilous fourth year, has combined
with a pattern of warming temperatures to cast a "Twilight Zone" quality on
one of the state's most popular winter destinations and iconic landmarks. San
Jose Mercury News
<http://newsletters.dailyclimate.org/t/182850/122296/138170/0/>, California
     *Feeding a warmer, riskier world.

Artificial meat. Indoor aquaculture. Vertical farms. Irrigation drones.
Once the realm of science fiction, these things are now fact. Food
production is going high tech – at least, in some places. Inter Press
Service <http://newsletters.dailyclimate.org/t/182850/122296/138171/0/>
     *Figuring out fracking wastewater.

Scientists are analyzing the liquid that comes from fracking wells to
determine the best ways to treat it. Chemical & Engineering News
     *Uneven state rules and trade secrets fuel fracking debate.

A brew of state activity, federal inaction, industry interests, and
environmental concerns is bubbling over in response to public demands for
more information about the chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing. Chemical
& Engineering News
     *Car companies support campaign to clean up diesel's image.

UK's Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders has this week launched a
UK-wide campaign to help dispel misconceptions and underline the role that
cleaner diesel engines have in helping to hit stringent future cleaner air
targets. Agence France-Presse
     *Oxford weighs scrapping fossil fuels from $3.9 billion endowment.

Oxford University will consider Monday whether to become the most prominent
academic institution to join a growing movement in favor of divesting from
publicly traded fossil fuel companies. Bloomberg News
     *Climate change: UN backs fossil fuel divestment campaign.

Framework convention on climate change says it shares aim for strong deal
on fighting global warming at Paris summit. The Guardian
     *Fight over Keystone XL project doesn't stall pipeline boom.

In a far corner of North Dakota, just a few hundred miles from the proposed
path of the Keystone XL pipeline, 84,000 barrels of crude oil per day
recently began flowing through a new line that connects the state's
sprawling oilfields to an oil hub in Wyoming. Associated Press
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