Re: Reigniting the Climate Group at FUS
From: Scott Jackson (
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2019 16:35:23 -0700 (PDT)
Hi Catherine,

We've met before, though I don't recall if it was climate-related. I
remember that you gave me a ride to the Wellstone Center in St. Paul.

I've been a climate activist since 2013, working with MNIPL and primarily
MN350. Lately I haven't been active because of health problems (a heart
condition) and because we lost the climate change fight at the end of
January 2011 without firing a shot. Since we face the collapse of
civilization as soon as 2036 and certainly no later than 2055, at this
point we can only focus on mitigation, adaptation, and trying to convince a
national or international organization (the IPCC would be best) or a
knowledgeable billionaire who shares our understanding (e.g., Tom Steyer)
to initiate geoengineering. I hope you're planning to suggest that to FUS
folks on September 17. I can't help with the planning, but I can attend the
discussion on the 17th.

I Think Greta Thunberg's TED Talk would be great to show. See you on the

Scott Jackson
sjackzen46 [at]

On Thu, Oct 24, 2019 at 10:43 AM Catherine Jordan <cjordan021 [at]>

> Hi: I was alerted by Fred Olson that there is a FUS Climate Change list
> serve and that it has not been used since 2015. If you are no longer
> interested in participating, you can remove your name at
> fusclimate [at]
> A small group of us have met once to determine if there is interest in
> restarting the Climate Group at FUS. We have agreed to make a Climate
> presentation at the November 17th Forum at 9:30am and will be meeting on
> October 27th at 9:00am at FUS to start the planning.
> I have been trained by Al Gore's Climate Reality Project and have access to
> his slide deck with up-to-date data on the impacts of the Climate Crisis. I
> am also working with MN Interfaith Power and Light (MNIPL) as a "Movement
> Builder" to help organize UU congregations in the State around Climate
> Justice Issues. MNIPL has created a Climate Justice Congregation workbook
> that will be helpful as we determine our scope and interests.
> Please join us on Oct 27th, Nov 3rd, and 10th at 9:00am for planning and on
> Nov 17th for the Forum presentation at 9:30am.
> Thanks,
> Catherine
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