FUS Climate Justice Team Minutes and Next Meeting
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Hi: Thanks to the folks who attended the meeting this morning (Mary Ann,
Audrey, Karen, Keith , Kelli and me). I have drafted some minutes [below].
Our next meeting will be next Sunday, Nov 3rd at 9am to work on the Nov
17th Forum presentation. Please RSVP.


FUS Climate Justice Group 10/27/19 Minutes
Mary Ann Lundquist, Audrey Kingstrom, Karen Rowehl, Keith Heiberg,
Kelli Clements and Catherine Jordan.

Meeting started at 9:10am in the Heritage Room.
Mary Ann gave us an overview of some of the history of the Solar Garden,
Green Sanctuary, and MUSSJA activities at FUS over the last few years.
Catherine recapped our first meeting on September 29th where we agreed
to make a presentation at the FUS Forum on Nov. 17th.

We then briefly reviewed a meeting with Karen Wills, Acting Executive
Director of MUSSJA and MN Interfaith Power and Light's ED Julia
Nerbonne and two other UU connecters, Universalist's Mark Bohnhorst
and Unity's Jean Hammick to discuss possible ways to reach all the MN
UU congregations to form Climate Justice groups in coordination with
MUUSJA and MNIPL. We also reviewed the MNIPL Climate Justice
Congregation Certificate Program. The group did not feel that they
were ready to join another organization, wanting to focus on what FUS
could do first.

We started discussing Goals for the Group:

o Share what FUS members are doing related to Climate Change/Climate
Justice (i.e. Marcie Leussler and Line 3)

o Connect Climate Justice Group to existing FUS activities (i.e.
Support the Active Group postcards operation with Climate issues and

o Communicate about Climate Justice events, policy actions, personal
steps to reduce Carbon footprint. (Explore connecting with First
Universalist’s Environmental Justice e-newsletter.)

o Explain policy issues (i.e. Green New Deal, Carbon Pricing, etc.)

o Assist FUS Members in exploring ways they can make a difference on
Climate Justice.

We started talking about elements of the Nov 17th Forum presentation:

o Add time for a survey to gather information on what FUS members
would like to explore (Karen Rowehl will take the lead on drafting
survey questions).

o Build a Power Point presentation short on the facts of Climate
Change and long on steps people can take to mitigate the impacts.

Next meeting will be at 9am in the FUS Heritage Room on Nov. 3rd to
review the slide deck and design the Nov. 17th Forum Presentation.

Meeting Adjourned at 10:30am.

Respectfully submitted,
Catherine Jordan

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