Test MN-prog-events list
From: Fred H Olson (fholsoncohousing.org)
Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2005 07:28:30 -0700 (PDT)
This mailing list is to test a variation of the list in which contributors
to David Shove's calendar are encouraged to send announcements to this
list further in advance (two weeks?) -- maybe when they send messages to
him. This would result in a mix of individual announcements and Shove's
digest for the next few days.  This list will test to see waht a digest of
these will look like.

I took Shove calendars that announced events about 2 weeks after 7/24/05
and reformatted some of them as individual messages to this test list
(and changed the real name on my address to that of the original 
contributor's). On 8/24 I will send about half of these to this list
and get the digest that results.  on 8/25 I'll send the others along with 
the calendar Shove sent on 7/25 and get the digest that results.

This would closely resemble what a digest subscriber would get if the list 
was used as described above - a mix of individual announcemtns of further 
off events and Shoves 1-2 day out calendar.  (Tho the dates would be off 
by a month and fake since the events will be over.)


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