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Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2005 11:10:49 -0700 (PDT)
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005 04:30:02 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Mn-prog-events2 Digest, Vol 1, Issue 5
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Today's Topics:

   1. ATK 8.08 7am (actionelist)
   2. MN activists plan 8.07 7pm (biego001)
   3. Invisible ballots 8.08 7pm (Sarah Kraemer)
   4. Union v Northwest 8.09 4pm (Rachleff)
   5. Report from Gaza 8.09 7pm (WAMM)
   6. Peace concert 8.06 7:30pm (Charles Underwood)
   7. Progressive Calendar  07.25.05 (David Shove)


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Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005 04:26:41 -0700 (PDT)
From: actionelist <fholson [at] cohousing.org>
Subject: [Mn-prog-events2] ATK 8.08 7am
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Christian Peacemaker Teams
Public Witness at ATK

ATK Corporate Headquarters, 5050 Lincoln Drive, Edina
Monday August 8
INFO: http://kryss [at] cpt.org

Corporate Headquarters of the company that developed and supplies all
three rocket motors for the Trident II nuclear missile and the largest
supplier of depleted uranium munitions to the US DoD.

What would happen if Christians devoted the same discipline and
self-sacrifice to nonviolent peacemaking that armies devote to war?

Nonviolent direct action and support.

Sponsored by CPT For more information about ATK or directions online:


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Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005 04:26:56 -0700 (PDT)
From: biego001 <fholson [at] cohousing.org>
Subject: [Mn-prog-events2] MN activists plan 8.07 7pm
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The Next Minnesota Activist Roundtable event will be a all-group
social/networking convocation, with FOOD, MUSIC, SPOKEN WORD, SIGNING-UP
NEW MEMBERS TO ALL COMMITTEES! Our target date is November 12, the Sat.
after the general election. All local activist groups: please send
delegates to help plan this event!
The planning committee meets next this Sunday, Aug. 7, 7pm, at the Dunn
Bros. coffee shop on Grand Ave., just 1/2 block east of Snelling Ave.
Contact Carolina, cmunozproto [at] macalester.edu, for more information on how
you can help. Ask not what the activist roundtable can do for you...
(Well, you should ask that, come to think of it! Find out what it can 
do for you by joining us today)


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Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005 04:27:19 -0700 (PDT)
From: Sarah Kraemer <fholson [at] cohousing.org>
Subject: [Mn-prog-events2] Invisible ballots 8.08 7pm
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Citizens for Election Integrity MN is sponsoring a screening of a timely,
must-see documentary, "Invisible Ballots", at the Washburn Branch Library.
The documentary describes the rise of electronic voting and the perilous
history of black box voting machines. It exposes the risks of insecure and
unverified electronic voting and alerts voters to the need for election
reform.  The film is a valuable resource for all voters who value their
right to vote, and will be followed by a brief question and answer session
led by a member of our group.

This screening is free and open to the public, and will take place August
8th, 2005, 7pm-8:45pm at the Washburn Branch of the Minneapolis Public
Library, 5244 Lyndale Ave S.  For more information on the film please see

For further information about the screening, please do not hesitate to
contact me via email or at 845-625-4110.  Or, for more information on the
group, please contact the director of Citizens for Election Integrity,
Mark Halvorson, at 612-724-1736 or by email at
mark [at] electionintegritymn.org.


Message: 4
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005 04:28:39 -0700 (PDT)
From: Rachleff <fholson [at] cohousing.org>
Subject: [Mn-prog-events2] Union v Northwest 8.09 4pm
To: MN-prog-events <mn-prog-events2 [at] justcomm.org>
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AMFA Local 33 invites all Minnesota unionists and union supporters to 
join a Union Unity Rally to protest union-busting at Northwest Airlines 
on Tuesday, August 9, at 4pm, at the state capitol in St. Paul.

Northwest has demanded that AMFA accept the contracting out of more than
half of their remaining jobs (their numbers are already down from 10,000
in 2001 to less than 5,000 today), the reduction of their wages by another
26%, and the transformation of their pensions from a defined benefit
program to a 401K.  Northwest has hired more than 1,000 "replacement
workers" (formerly known as "scabs"), has demanded that flight attendants
train additional "replacement workers" in case they honor the mechanics'
picket lines, and has contracted with a temp agency to replace ticket
agents and baggage handlers who might also honor picket lines.  They have
also contracted with Vance Security International, the country's most
notorious anti-union security force who have busted unions and unionists'
heads for more than 20 years.  Vance Security was also the primary private
security team for the Bush-Cheney '04 campaign and they have been earning
big bucks in Iraq.

How often do we say: "How has Minnesota changed so much, so fast?  

For more info, contact Peter Rachleff at 651-696-6371 or
rachleff [at] macalester.edu.


Message: 5
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005 04:28:53 -0700 (PDT)
From: WAMM <fholson [at] cohousing.org>
Subject: [Mn-prog-events2] Report from Gaza 8.09 7pm
To: MN-prog-events <mn-prog-events2 [at] justcomm.org>
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Report from Gaza: Tuesday, August 9 at 7pm St [Frances Cabrini, 
1500 Franklin Av Southeast (2 blocks EAST of the Mississippi River).
Father Harry Bury, peace activist and former pastor of both The Newman
Center and St. Frances Cabrini Church, and Father David Smith, professor
of Peace Studies at St. Thomas, will give a chat on their recent trip to
Gaza as part of the Michigan Peace Team. The two will share their first
hand observations of how the Israeli occupation affects people's daily
lives in the occupied territories of Palestine and how citizens in this
troubled region are trying to create peace. Father Bury will also talk
about his experience of being kidnapped. Free and open to the public. 
FFI: 612-339-3023.


Message: 6
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005 04:29:07 -0700 (PDT)
From: Charles Underwood <fholson [at] cohousing.org>
Subject: [Mn-prog-events2] Peace concert 8.06 7:30pm
To: MN-prog-events <mn-prog-events2 [at] justcomm.org>
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Saturday, 8/6, 7:30 pm, Peace Concert at Lake Harriet Bandstand,
Minneapolis.    http://www.worldwidewamm.org/calendar.html


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Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005 04:27:50 -0700 (PDT)
From: David Shove <fholson [at] cohousing.org>
Subject: [Mn-prog-events2] Progressive Calendar  07.25.05
To: MN-prog-events <mn-prog-events2 [at] justcomm.org>
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            P R O G R E S S I V E   C A L E N D A R     07.25.05

1. Superior hiking        7.26 10am
2. Seth Garwood memorial  7.26 11am
3. Zapatista solidarity   7.26 5pm
4. Open salon             7.26 6:30pm
5. Kairos dance           7.26 6:30pm
6. Mil families v Iraq    7.26 7pm
7. Swami/peace            7.26 7pm
8. Outfoxed/film          7.26 7:30pm

9. Support/Africans/MN    7.27 8am
10. DNA evidence          7.27 12noon
11. Peace picnic          7.27 4pm Marine MN
12. Green potluck picnic  7.27 6pm
13. Energy/Monticello     7.27 7pm
14. Dag day               7.27 7pm
15. Windy Riv/energy/ag   7.27-30 Little Falls MN

16. Two openings At KFAI
17. Synthesis/Regeneration
18. Intl Action Center   - John Roberts' DISqualifications
19. Joshua Frank         - Abortion politics and the Democrats
20. Dave Lindorff        - Return of the academic witch hunts
21. Percy Bysshe Shelley - Ozymandias  (poem)

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From: GibbsJudy [at] aol.com
Subject: Superior hiking 7.26 10am

Superior Hiking Trail Seeks Volunteers
The Superior Hiking Trail Association is seeking volunteers to help build
14 miles of trail through the City of Duluth this summer. No expirience is
needed, equipment provided. Dress for the weather and bring plenty of

Tuesday, July 26, 10-3 pm. Meet in Mission Creek. To get there from the
north, take I-35 to Grand Avenue and follow it all the way out to 131st
Ave. West. (The name on Grand changes to Commonwealth and then to
Evergreen Boulevard.) To get there from the south, take the Midway Road
exit, turn right onto Midway Road, follow it to the stop sign on
Commonwealth (Grand) and turn right. Follow to 131st Ave. West.

July 26, Tuesday 6-9 pm meet at this locale: Meet at Skyline Drive parking
area located .9 miles from highway 53/Piedmont Ave on Skyline Parkway, or
.8 miles from Haines Road/40th Ave west junction of Skyline drive.

Thrusday, July 28, 10-3 pm. Meet in Mission Creek. To get there from the
north, take I-35 to Grand Avenue and follow it all the way out to 131st
Ave. West. (The name on Grand changes to Commonwealth and then to
Evergreen Boulevard.) To get there from the south, take the Midway Road
exit, turn right onto Midway Road, follow it to the stop sign on
Commonwealth (Grand) and turn right. Follow to 131st Ave. West.

Friday, July 29, 10-3 pm. Meet in Mission Creek. To get there from the
north, take I-35 to Grand Avenue and follow it all the way out to 131st
Ave. West. (The name on Grand changes to Commonwealth and then to
Evergreen Boulevard.) To get there from the south, take the Midway Road
exit, turn right onto Midway Road, follow it to the stop sign on
Commonwealth (Grand) and turn right. Follow to 131st Ave. West.

For more information contact Judy at 728-9827 or gibbsjudy [at] aol.com.

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From: Stephen Eisenmenger <Stephen [at] MNGreens.org>
Subject: Seth Garwood memorial 7.26 11am

The memorial service for Seth Garwood will be held Tuesday morning at 11
am at the Walker Church, which is located on 31st St at 16th Ave in south

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From: lucinda grinnell <adelantenica [at] hotmail.com>
Subject: Zapatista solidarity 7.26 5pm

July 26
Resource Center of the Americas

Zapatista Solidarity--- For all those interested in current events in
Chiapas, Mexico concerning the Sixth Declaration of the Zapatistas.
Please come to a meeting to discuss how Minnesotans can continue to
support the Zapatistas.  Everyone welcome.

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From: patty guerrero <pattypax [at] earthlink.net>
Subject: Open salon 7.26 6:30pm

Tuesday, July 26, will be Open Discussion.  Don't we have plenty to talk
about?  Come and converse.

Salons are held (unless otherwise noted in advance):
Tuesdays, 6:30 to 8:30 pm.
Mad Hatter's Tea House,
943 W 7th, St Paul, MN

Free but donations encouraged for program and treats.
Call 651-227-3228 or 651-227-2511 for information.

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From: "Krueger, Rodney" <rodney.krueger [at] frontiercorp.com>
Subject: Kairos dance 7.26 6:30pm

· Kairos Intergenerational Dance Theater - July 26th

The intergenerational Kairos Dance Theatre will give a much anticipated
performance at Hosmer Community Library . The Modern Dance theater
features dancers ranging in age from five to 90 . Kairos has performed all
over the United States and will be in this year's Fringe Festival
performing in the show "Varieties of Love". The troupe features 15 core
members who interpret themes such as war, peace and dances of joy . As
always this is a free event. Everyone welcome. This event is sponsored by
the Kingfield Neighborhood.

Hosmer Library · 347 East 36th St.  · 6:30pm Tuesday July 26
For more information on Kairos Dance Theatre: http://www.kairosdance.org

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From: wamm <wamm [at] mtn.org>
Subject: Mil families v Iraq 7.26 7pm

Community Forum: U.S. war in Iraq: Military Families Speak Out

Tuesday July 26, 7pm. Olin-Rice Science Building Room 250, Macalester
College, 1600 Grand Avenue, St. Paul.

Hear speaker Nancy Lessin, Boston-based labor educator with the United
Steelworkers Union and founding member of Military Families Speak Out
(MFSO), an organization of people opposed to war on Iraq and who have
relatives or loved ones in the military.

MFSO was formed in November of 2002 and has contacts with military
families throughout the United States and in other countries around the
world. Membership currently over 2,000 military families with new families
joining daily, supplies a special need and plays a unique role to play in
speaking out against war on Iraq. It is MFSO loved ones who are, or have
been, or will be on the battlefront, who are risking injury and death. It
is MFSO loved ones who are returning scarred from their experiences, who
will have to live with the injuries and deaths among innocent Iraqi

Sponsored by: United Steelworkers & Iraq Peace Action Coalition FFI:
United Steelworkers 612-623-8003, Anti-War Committee 612-379-3899, Twin
Cities Peace Campaign/Focus on Iraq 612-522-1861, Veterans for Peace
612-821-9141 or Women Against Military Madness 612-827-5364.

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From: Charles Underwood <charleyunderwood [at] hotmail.com>
Subject: Swami/peace 7.26 7pm

Tuesday, 7/26, 7 pm, Swami Veda Bharati gives recitation of the gospel of
Matthew, O'Shaughnesy Auditorium, St. Thomas University, St. Paul.  $10-40
donation requested, but no one turned away. Peace Studies Dept sponsored.
janelsonpal [at] stthomas.edu

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From: North Star Anarchist Co. <mnacollective [at] yahoo.com>
Subject: Outfoxed/film 7.26 7:30pm

Film: Outfoxed, Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism
Presented By: NorthStar Anarchist Collective
For the Monthly Anarchist Film Night
Cost: Free

MAPPS Café, 1810 Riverside which is at Cedar and Riverside
Tuesday July 26, 7:30pm

"Outfoxed" examines how the media empires, led by Rupert Murdoch's Fox
News, have been running a "race to the bottom" in television news.  This
film provides an in-depth look at Fox News and the dangers of
ever-enlarging corporations taking control of the public's right to know.

The film explores Murdoch's burgeoning kingdom and the impact on society
when a broad swath of media is controlled by one person.

This documentary also reveals the secrets of former Fox News producers,
reporters, bookers and writers who expose what it's like to work for Fox
News.  These former Fox employees talk about how they were forced to push
a "right-wing" point of view or risk their jobs.  Some have even chosen to
remain anonymous in order to protect their current livelihoods.  As one
employee said, "There's no sense of integrity as far as having a line that
can't be crossed."

Come for film, stay for the community discussion afterwards.
This event is Free and Family friendly

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From: humanrts [at] umn.edu
Subject: Support/Africans/MN 7.27 8am

July 27 - Support for Africans in Minnesota .  Time: 8-10am

Elizabeth Namarra and Ephraim Olani of Sub-Saharan African Youth and
Family Services Location: St. Martin's Table, Minneapolis

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From: humanrts [at] umn.edu
Subject: DNA evndence 7.27 12noon

SCANDAL.  12noon-1pm

Using the recent Houston crime lab scandal as an example, Ms. Funk will
speak about the importance of DNA testing and what can happen when no one
questions the DNA test results.  In the Houston crime lab, neglect and
disorder affected hundreds of cases including capital cases - and led to
the unit s shutdown in 2002. Ms. Funk will also discuss and explain the
procedures that are being taken to review the mistakes made in that crime
lab that have led to the release of at least one wrongly convicted inmate.
Application for one CLE credit will be made.  This presentation is a brown
bag lunch.  Beverages will be provided.

Speaker Biography
CHRISTINE FUNK began working at the Public Defender s Office shortly after
she was licensed to practice in 1994.  She worked on her first DNA case, a
double homicide, in 1995. Ms. Funk is responsible for the DNA portion of
all DNA cases in the 10th District and consults throughout the state for
the Public Defender s Office.

Ms. Funk has spoken at both local and national seminars on DNA testing,
interpretation, test results, and trial strategy in DNA cases.  She also
consults with private attorneys on DNA cases and has a small private
practice in criminal defense.

Location: Dorsey & Whitney, Seattle Room, 15th Floor, 50 South Sixth Street,
Minneapolis, MN 55402

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From: wamm <wamm [at] mtn.org>
Subject: Peace picnic 7.27 4pm Marine MN

Peacemakers Poetry Reading/Potluck Picnic

Wednesday, July 27, 4:00 p.m. Warner Nature Center Pavillion, 15375
Norrell Avenue, Marine (approximately one hour east of the Twin Cities).
Come enjoy a peaceful evening. Peacemakers who write or enjoy listening to
poetry are invited to a poetry reading and potluck supper. $5.00 suggested
donation. Donations will be given to WAMM. Bring cold drinks, poems, and
folding chairs. FFI and directions: <lagoclam [at] alo.com>.

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From: ed
Subject: Green potluck picnic 7.27 6pm

Green potluck picnic 7.27 6pm

The St. Paul Green Party invites you to its summer potluck picnic and
fundraiser, 6pm July 27, at the Como Picnic shelter located at Midway and
Lexington in StPaul.

Music by Dan Rumsey and his band and Lisa Kane & Co., as well as a reading
by poet Heid Erdrich from her new book, "Mother Tongue," and a special
appearance by Elizabeth Dickinson, the Green Party's own candidate for
Mayor of St. Paul.

Go to http://www.gpsp.org/como to sign up to bring a dish to share with 
fellow progressives and Green Party members. For more information, call
651/295-4521. e-mail: richb [at] lakecast.com

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From: Will Donovan III <manisape [at] hotmail.com>
Subject: Energy/Monticello 7.27 7pm

Forum on Energy Policy and Diminishing Public Discourse:
Why so little public concern regarding proposed dry cask storage containers
for spent Nuclear Fuel at Monticello Nuclear Power Plant?

Monticello Nuclear Power Plant has submitted an application to have its
license renewed so that it can extend operations for 20 more years; its
current license expires in 2010. To operate until 2030 Monticello, which
is located on the Mississippi River upstream from the Twin Cities
Metropolitan area, will need to create dry cask storage containers for
spent nuclear fuel. The public comment period ends on August 2, 2005.
Learn why more public involvement occurred over dry cask storage
containers at Prairie Island in 1993-4 and 2003 than is occurring today.

Wednesday July 27
Southdale Library, 7001 York Avenue South, Edina MN

Featured Speakers: Carol A. Overland, a utility regulatory attorney who
represents Intervenors in transmission and nuclear issues. Overland
represented Florence Township in its four year battle over nuclear waste
storage. Ken Pentel, a community activist who served on the Steering
Committee for the Prairie Island Coalition from 1993-4. Pentel has worked
with Democrats and Republicans on energy legislation at the State level.

This non-partisan event is free and open to the public. Sponsored by the
Green Party of Edina, Minneapolis 5th District Green Party and the St
Louis Park Green Party. For further information call Julie Risser

From: Andrew Koebrick <exlibris [at] visi.com>

Folks interested in the Monticello issue might want to check the
official Docket of documents for the project:

Note: Energy facility review authority has been trasfered from the
Environmental Quality Board (which I help staff) to the Public Utilities
Commission / Dept. of Commerce.  As part of this switch, there may be
brief intuptions to accessing the docket while I transfer the application
to its new address:

Note also, the staffer on theis project John Watchler is a great guy and
busts his butt to get public input on projects.  On the last major
powerline issue he staffed (Xcel 345 powerline in S. Minnesota) he tried
to use a public web forum to make commenting easier, but nobody from the
public used the tool.  Let him know if you think such an input device
would be useful for this project.  His contact info is on the docket page

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From: Sarah Anderson Caflisch <scaflisch [at] loft.org>
Subject: Dag day 7.27 7pm

Wednesday July 27, 7pm
Sutter reads from Markings by Dag Hammerskjoeld
American Swedish Institute
2600 Park Ave. S., Minneapolis
Cosponsored by the Loft.
Information: 612/871-4907 or http://www.americanswedishinst.org

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From: Kristen Blann <kblann [at] umn.edu>
Subject: Windy Riv/energy/ag 7.27-30 Little Falls MN

On behalf of the Sustainable Farming Association of Central Minnesota, I'd
like to invite you to the 5th Annual Windy River Renewable Energy and
Sustainable Agriculture Fair, July 27-30, 2005 at the Morrison County Fair
in Little Falls, MN.  http://www.windyriver.us

The Fair showcases local and regional innovations in renewable energy,
sustainable agriculture, and green living, and features local food
systems, workshops on organic certification and marketing, and other
subjects that may interest you.  We still have room under the big tent for
exhibitors and vendors, and would be happy to have a few food booths
featuring local produce.  If you would like to participate as an exhibitor
and have not already registered, please contact me or fill out the
registration form at the web site http://www.windyriver.us.  We can work 
out discounts for producers in exchange for in-kind help with the fair.

In addition to workshops on conservation, solar, wind, & geothermal, there
are concurrent workshops focusing on small dairy operations, pastured
poultry, organic certification & marketing, rotational grazing, as well as
a policy discussion & legislative forum - along with music and local food.
Radio ads and press releases will be filtering out over the next couple of
weeks.  This year's fair will have all the features of last year's fair,
with the addition of a fully operational 20kW wind turbine on-site (the
tower tip-up ceremony is currently scheduled for July 20).

A brochure with a workshop schedule and a flyer can be viewed or
downloaded at the web site http://www.windyriver.us.  Feel free to share
the flyer and brochure with anyone and everyone you know who might be
interested!  For more information about the fair and for updates,
registration information, and a detailed description of workshops, please
visit the web site at http://www.windyriver.us.

We are also seeking volunteers to help with logistics, sign painting,
children's programming throughout the fair, setup and takedown, and
preparing and serving food & refreshments during the fair.  If you would
like to help out with any of these activities prior to or during the fair,
please let me know.

The Windy River Fair is a project of the Sustainable Farming Association
of Central Minnesota and partners.  Major sponsors in 2005 include The
Water Foundation, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture Energy and
Sustainable Agriculture Program, the Minnesota Department of Commerce
Energy Information Center, the Initiative Foundation, Minnesota Power, and
Crow Wing Power Community Trust, as well as the Hunt Utilities Group
(LLC), Nash Foundation, and Lowry Hill Foundation.

Thanks and thanks for helping support a sustainable future!

Sincerely, Kristen Blann 2005 WRF Coordinator
Sustainable Farming Association of Central Minnesota

Wednesday, July 27
3-5 pm Straw Bale Demonstration

Thursday, July 28
10 am-12 Yes You Can! Viable Small Dairy & On- Farm Processing for Local Markets
 Pastured, Free-Range Poultry
10 am-12 The Eco-home: healthy materials, waste reduction, design and appliances
Lunch & Discussion: Renewable Energy Solutions
1 pm Livestock for the Whole Farm: Rotational Grazing
Environmentally Responsible Construction
2 pm Introduction to Solar I
Organic Works! certification & marketing
3 pm Intro to Wind & Geothermal
4 pm Compost Teas for Lush Native Gardens & Landscapes
How Safe is Your Tap/Well Water?
7-10 pm Music by Living Song and Corridor

Friday, July 29
10-12 Reducing Energy Use in the Home
Reducing Your Home's Total Energy Load
State and Utility Programs for Renewables
(off-site) Tour of solar powered sustainable forestry homestead & sawmill
(off-site, please RSVP kblann [at] umn.edu)
11 am Season extension for Zone 3 Gardening
Landscaping for water quality: Shoreland Restoration
Lunch & Discussion: Directions for Sustainable Agriculture Research
1 pm Landscaping for Water: Rain Gardens
Solar Heating Solutions for Minnesota: How-to, Hands-on
The Low Input, Chemical Free Garden
3 pm Intro to Wind and Geothermal
Organic Gardening in Zone 3
Kids' programs
    a.. o raising chickens in your backyard
    b.. o arts & crafts
    c.. o birdhouses & backyard habitats
5 pm Solar Oven Supper / Music under the tent

Saturday, July 30
9 am Ecological Agriculture: Farming and Forestry in Nature's Image
Composting and Waste Reduction
10 am Conservation Options for Landowners
Introduction to Renewable Transportation Fuels: Biodiesel and Flexible
11 am Energy Issues & You: 10 Things Everyone should know about Energy,
 Climate Agriculture and Environment
Renewable Energy Legislative Agenda
Meet Your Legislator: Lunch under the tent ($5)
1 -3 Intro to Solar II
The Productive, Chemical Free Garden
3-5 pm Legislative Forum (in Forum Tent)

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From: Bill Cottman [mailto:bcottman [at] worldnet.att.net]
From: Janis Lane-Ewart <mailto:janislaneewart [at] kfai.org>
Subject: Two openings At KFAI

There are two openings available at KFAI and I would like your assistance
in spreading the word. The loss of KFAI's Operations and Fundraising
Directors is resulting in job restructuring to best meet the needs of the
organization. Attached are job descriptions for the positions of:

    * Membership and Development Director
    * Underwriting and Marketing Director

If you are unable to open either attachment, please respond to my email
address listed above and I will forward both job descriptions via
microsoft word formatting. You may also access both descriptions via
KFAI's web page later this week.

Applications for each position will be considered for full review as soon
as August 12, 2005. Materials should be submitted via email or hard copies
to my attention at KFAI. Given the volume of work staff will be attending
to in coming weeks, without two key personnel, we won't be able to respond
to any questions about the positions via telephone. Please use your best
judgement in determining if you have the requisite skills to apply for
either position. Not sure, go for it anyway.

Thanks, in advance, for your assistance in widely distributing these two
job descriptions. The old adage of "no one works without networking" is
what I hope to accomplish by sending both announcements to the KFAI family
of volunteers!

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Minneapolis, MN 55454 612/341-3144x23 612/341-4281 fax
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From: Don Fitz
Subject: Synthesis/Regeneration

>From Don Fitz
A Magazine of Green Social Thought
c/o WD Press, P.O. Box 300275, St. Louis MO  63130
314-727-8554 (evenings, weekends)
E-mail: fitzdon [at] aol.com

July, 2005
Dear Green or greenish friend,

Perhaps the only factor that prevents the Bush regime's invading Venezuela
to overthrow the democratic government and plunder that country for oil is
the unending quagmire in Iraq.  The Fall 2005 Synthesis/Regeneration (No.
38) carries articles looking at Venezuela from three angles.  They are
part of an overall theme of "Shaking Off El Norte," which features essays
examining Ecuador, Cuba, the School of the Americas, peasant movements and
computer software.

Of course, a successful challenge to US domination of Latin America needs
an independent political movement.  The section on "Thinking Politically"
looks at Green Party problems that interfere with its taking a leadership

This issue of S/R documents ecological crises of corporate contamination
of India, ocean ecosystems and fishing companies.  Economics articles
explore the damage of extreme inequality in income and energy use.

Rates for S/R 38 are:

1-4 copies, $3.95 each;
5-9 copies, $3.00 each;
10+ copies, $2.00 each.

Please make checks to "WD Press" and mail to P.O. Box 300275, St. Louis MO
63130. No postage charges if in US.  Non-US add 15% Canada, 25% other
[surface mail] or 40% Canada, 60% other [air mail].  Subscriptions to S/R
(4 issues) are $15 (US).  Non-US subscriptions are: $19 Canada, $26 other
[surface mail] or $27 Canada, $35 other [air mail].

In solidarity,
Don Fitz, Editor, Synthesis/Regeneration



2 Bhopal in Slow Motion Stan Cox reports on the poisoning of India's
Patancheru region by pesticide, steel and drug companies.

4 Greenhouse Gas Is Changing Ocean Ecosystems Kyle Serikawa reveals that
half of the carbon dioxide produced by human industry has ended up in the

6 Fishing: The New Resource War Robert Ovetz describes battles between
small-scale subsistence fishermen and government and huge companies.


ifc Venezuela's Bolivarian Revolution in Year Six Daniel Hellinger sees
emphasis upon creating industrial cooperatives, attracting people back
into farming, and expanding oil production.

8 Oil Multinationals Privatize the Military in Ecuador Bolívar Beltrán and
Jim Oldham observe the history of oil development in the Amazon region as
one of vast ecological destruction and loss of livelihood and cultural
identity by indigenous people.

10 Cuba's Second Revolution Will Raap maintains that Cuba leads the
developing world in small-scale composting, organic soil reclamation,
irrigation and crop rotation research.

11 Oil-Flush Chavez Begins to Strut His Stuff Jessica Leight perceives a
commercial strategy that could curtail shipments to the US.

14 US Aggression towards Venezuela Eva Golinger indicates the Bush
Administration has a new strategy to isolate and topple the Venezuelan

19 The School of the Americas and Its Role Today Christy Pardew points out
that some of the worst human rights abusers in Latin America and no fewer
than 11 dictators have passed through the halls of the school.

21 Centrality of Peasant Movements in Latin America James Petras documents
that peasant movements have achieved positive changes despite the state,
not because of it.

27 The Free Software Challenge in Latin America David Sugar realizes that
free software can help create jobs and save considerable money by
eliminating license fees.


29 Crisis in the Green Party Peter Camejo asks what the Green Party is if
it does not respect democracy internally.

34 Rigged Convention, Divided Party Carol Miller & Forrest Hill explain
that weighted voting gives some states hundreds of times more votes per
Green member than other states.

36 Diagnosing the Green Party Joshua Frank feels that in 2004 Greens
should have been on the frontlines of the campaign scene, denouncing John
Kerry and George Bush's neoliberalism.

37 Toward a Revolutionary Green Party Mark Kamleiter understands that
Democrats will never think it is okay for Greens to run against a

41 A Modest Proposal: Lose the "Green" Melissa Belvadi insists that a name
has become a liability.


42 Time to Get Serious about Inequality and Sustainability Gar Alperovitz
believes that a comprehensive economic program would have an all out
attack on extreme inequality.

45 Energy Economics vs. Energy Politics Patrick Eytchison notes that,
while world energy use has increased, differences between geographical
areas have remained essentially the same.


48 from Elizabeth Fattah and Frank Rotering

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From: Michelle Gross <mgresist [at] minn.net>
Subject: Rundown on John Roberts' DISqualifications

This is the most comprehensive rundown on John Roberts' DISqualifications
I've seen yet.  Good, specific examples of past rulings, statements, etc.
His ruling that the Geneva Convention doesn't apply to Guantanamo Bay
detainees should send a chill through everyone's spines.  This guy is
another Alberto Gonzalez--he needs to be stopped.

Statement from the International Action Center
On the Nomination of John G. Roberts to the Supreme Court

July 19, 2005

Tonight, George W. Bush has signaled his intention to continue his all-out
assault on women, working people, lesbian/gay/bi/trans communities, civil
liberties and civil rights.  It is vital that we examine the nomination of
John G. Roberts, and ask how such a reactionary appointment could be made
and, more importantly, how we can push back the Bush attack and what
social and political forces can be mobilized in the struggle

Judge John G. Roberts has built his career advancing the far-right agendas
of the Reagan and Bush Administrations.  He has worked to overturn
abortion rights, blur the separation between church and state, undermine
affirmative action, and advance a narrow right-wing interpretation of the

Roberts is a member of two prominent, right-wing legal organizations that
advance a reactionary legal philosophy: the pro-corporate,
anti-affirmative action, and anti-union Federalist Society; and the
National Legal Center For The Public Interest, a legal research group
funded by General Motors, Ford, Texaco, Exxon-Mobile, and Gulf, as well as
right wing millionaire Richard Mellon Scaife.

Womens Rights

Immediately after President Bush announced his selection of Roberts,
Operation Rescue, an organization founded to terrorize women, obstruct
reproductive freedom, and shut down health clinics, issued a press release
saying, Operation Rescue supports this selection.  Roberts has shown
strong conservative credentials with indications that he will not uphold
Roe v. Wade, the 1973 case that decriminalized abortion.

The anti-choice homophobe Gary Bauer promptly issued a statement hailing
Roberts as "a refreshing nominee who possesses an outstanding record of
judicial accomplishment as well as a commitment to judicial restraint long
missing from so many activist courts."

Robertsrecord makes it clear why he has gathered such enthusiasm from
far-right religious fundamentalists.

As Deputy Solicitor General, Roberts filed an amicus curiae brief in the
National Organization of Womens (NOW) case against Operation Rescue in
support of Operation Rescue, and in support of individuals who illegally
blocked access to clinics.

As Deputy Solicitor General, Roberts argued in a brief before the Supreme
Court that "we continue to believe that Roe was wrongly decided and should
be overruled. The Courts conclusion in Roe that there is a fundamental
right to an abortion...finds no support in the text, structure, or history
of the Constitution."

As a Deputy Solicitor General, Roberts co-wrote a Supreme Court brief in
Rust v. Sullivan, which argued that the government could prohibit doctors
in federally funded family planning programs from discussing abortions
with their patients.

Workers Rights

Roberts was lead counsel for Toyota in Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Ky,
Inc. v. Williams. This case involved a woman who was fired after she asked
Toyota for accommodations to do her job after being diagnosed with carpal
tunnel syndrome. The court ruled that while this condition impaired her
ability to work, it did not impair her ability to perform major life

The Geneva Conventions

Roberts was part of the three-judge panel that last week upheld President
Bush's military tribunals at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, supporting the Bush
Administrations assertion that the Geneva Conventions and other
international law did not apply to detainees held there.  Neal K. Katyal,
a lead lawyer for one of the plaintiffs in this case and a Georgetown
University law professor, called the decision "contrary to 200 years of
constitutional law."

Civil Rights

After a Supreme Court decision effectively nullified certain sections of
the Voting Rights Act, Roberts was involved in the Reagan administration's
effort to prevent Congress from overturning the Supreme Court's action.

Roberts also filed an amicus brief in Adarand v. Mineta in Oct. 2001,
supporting a challenge to federal affirmative action programs.

The Environment

As a member of the Solicitor General's office, Mr. Roberts was the lead
counsel for the United States in the Supreme Court case Lujan v. National
Wildlife Federation, in which the government argued that private citizens
could not sue the federal government for violations of environmental

In his private practice, Roberts has also represented numerous large
corporate interests opposing environmental controls. He submitted an
amicus brief on behalf of the National Mining Association in the recent
case Bragg v. West Virginia Coal Association.

Church & State

While working with the Solicitor General's office, Roberts co-wrote an
amicus brief on behalf of the Bush administration, in which he argued that
public high schools can include religious ceremonies in their graduation

Our response: Organize and Mobilize!

The only effective counter to Bushs continued assault on working people,
people of color, women, and on civil liberties and civil rights is to
organize a massive opposition movement in the streets.

We cannot look to politicians of either party to stop Bush - the Democrats
have been nearly unanimous in their support of the Bush agenda of endless
war and repression, and they have confirmed some of the most backwards and
reactionary judicial appointees.

These next few months are critical in the struggle against the war abroad
and the war at home.  The Bush agenda is facing a genuine crisis - the
illegal occupation of Iraq is clearly failing in the face of overwhelming
popular resistance, military recruiting is declining, and opposition to
the war is growing.  What we do now can make a difference.

Now is the time to build a massive movement of resistance, a movement that
is broad because it includes, rather than excludes, the struggles of all
oppressed communities.

In challenging the Bush agenda and mobilizing to defend our rights, it is
important to recall how we have secured victories in the past.  In a
nation founded on slavery and indentured servitude, genocide against
indigenous peoples, and oppression of women and working people, every
advance was won because of the power of massive peoples mobilizations to
assert and demand those rights.  Regardless of which corporate party is in
power, or which corporate lawyer is appointed to the Supreme Court, it is
the people who ultimately make history.

All of the most important victories for working people, for the civil
rights struggle, for women, for the lesbian/gay/bi/trans communities, and
for all oppressed communities were won because of organizing in the
streets.  Victories in the courts and legislatures merely reflected the
reality that was created by the mass movements.  It was resistance - the
Montgomery bus boycott, the Stonewall rebellion, the Flint sit-ins for
union rights, the massive marches for women's suffrage, and many other
protests, marches, strikes and direct actions - that secured our rights,
and it is in that spirit of resistance that we must continue to struggle.

The International Action Center July 19, 2005

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Framing Abortion
Gonadal Politics and the Democrats
July 23 / 24, 2005

"I don't do gonadal politics."

Ralph Nader, 1996, thus encountering the eternal wrath of pro-abortion

How can anybody reasonably consider the Democrats the party of opposition?
I mean, what exactly do they oppose? Far too many Dems in Washington are
reading whatever dyslexic cue cards George Lakoff flashes in front of
their smug faces.

The one issue you'd think the Democrats would want to stand behind, as
President Bush appoints a pro-lifer to the bench, is the right for a woman
to get an abortion. But here we have commander in chair Howard Dean
exclaiming that Democrats should drop their pro-choice shtick and do what
they can to pull more pro-lifers into the fold.

"I think we need to talk about this issue differently," Dean said on June
20. "The Republicans have painted us as a pro-abortion party. I don't know
anybody in America who is pro-abortion."

Translation: "Abortion is murder, and nobody I know in America is

The true motives of the Democratic establishment, on occasion, shine
right-on through their repugnant rhetoric. As if you can really be
"pro-woman" if you aren't "pro-choice." As if the Democrats don't already
have enough anti-choicers calling the shots in DC.

Harry Reid, the Democratic Minority Leader in the Senate, is blatantly
anti-choice. NARAL reports that Sen. Reid has voted against "choice" 70
percent of the time he's been given a chance. And we're supposed to
believe that Reid and Dean can organize any sort of opposition to John

Go on hoping. But you can hope in one hand and crap in the other. See
which one gets filled first.

Senator Hilary Clinton, a likely presidential candidate in 2008, has
recently taken the same anti-choice line Dean has authorized. It's just
one more fib in a laundry list of Democratic cant. Like, we're "for labor"
but we'll pass NAFTA. Or we are "for the environment" but we'll pass the
Salvage Rider. Or "we want to uphold privacy" but love the infringing
PATRIOT ACT. Or, like, we "oppose Bush's foreign policy agenda" but want
to keep thousands of troops occupying Iraq, and while we are at it why not
bomb Iran.

The fact is the Democrats have absolutely no program that will build any
alternative to the Republican onslaught. Their ineptness goes well beyond
losing a few elections here and there; the Democrats can't even win he
hearts and minds of all those disenfranchised Americans who will never go
to the polls, simply because they don't see any reason to vote.

How long will we have to wait for the Democrats to embrace a living wage?
How long will it be until the Democrats oppose the "war on terror"? How
about supporting universal health-care? We can rest assured that we'll be
waiting for a long, long time. The Democrats are simply not the
alternative to the conservative takeover of America. They are the

At a time when the Democrats can stand behind an issue that actually means
something, like "choice," they fade into the shadowy ether,
ever-increasing their transparent myopia. Go ahead. Sit back and watch the
nomination of Roberts be affirmed by the overwhelming majority of the
Democrats in DC, despite the fact that Roberts as deputy solicitor general
under the first President George Bush argued to the Supreme Court, "Roe
was wrongly decided and should be overruled."

Joshua Frank is the author of the brand new book, Left Out!: How Liberals
Helped Reelect George W. Bush, which has just been published by Common
Courage Press. You can order a copy at a discounted rate at
http://www.brickburner.org. Joshua can be reached at 
Joshua [at] brickburner.org.

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Meet the New McCarthyites
Return of the Academic Witch Hunts
July 23 / 24, 2005

McCarthy-style witch hunts are coming back, and the first place we'll be
seeing them is at Pennsylvania's public colleges and universities.

Under the innocent-sounding name "Academic Bill of Rights," a gaggle of
right-wing "culture warriors" in the Republican-led Pennsylvania House
recently passed HR 177, a resolution authorizing them to invade public
colleges and universities armed with subpoenas to grill faculty on
curricula, reading lists, exams, homework assignments, grading and
teaching styles, and to take testimony from students, allegedly to
determine whether their professors are fair or "biased."

The underlying assumption of the resolution - part of a nationwide
campaign spearheaded by one-time SDS lefty and now rabid right-wing
activist David Horowitz - is that America's colleges and universities have
been overrun by leftist fanatics intent on banishing conservative ideas
and punishing conservative or Christian students who dare to speak out.

The notion that leftists are in charge in academia, is as bogus as the
notion that the media are dominated by liberals. The political mix on most
campus faculties across the country is not much different from what you'd
find in the broader community. Moreover, leftist teachers are no more
likely to impose their ideas on students or to punish those who disagree
than are rightists (maybe less), and in either case such behavior should
and would likely be roundly condemned. (Any decent school has a mechanism
for students to challenge political bias by a professor, and indeed
Horowitz and his minions have been hard-pressed to show any hard evidence
of such abuses.) Add to this the reality that at the higher you look in
university administrations, through chairs to deans and provosts on up to
presidents, the more conservative officials tend to be politically. At
Pennsylvania's Temple University, for example, the University Senate voted
resoundingly to oppose HR177 as a threat to academic freedom and free
speech, yet the university president, David Adamany-technically an
ex-officio member of the Senate - was quoted publicly as not seeing
anything troubling about the legislative intrusion into academic affairs.

In my own limited experience in academia (which has included teaching at
Alfred University, a small liberal arts institution, Ithaca College, a
rather mainstream private institution with an emphasis on the arts, and
Ivy League Cornell University), being overtly on the left was seen as a
bit edgy, and perhaps even dangerous to one's tenure aspirations.

The Horowitzniks and Pennsylvania's HR177 backers also misunderstand, or
deliberately misrepresent, the role of a university professor,
particularly in the liberal arts fields like literature, political
science, philosophy, sociology, etc., which is where their attention is

University teaching, unlike elementary and high school instruction, should
not be so much a "covering of the field" as an introduction to the idea of
self-instruction and independent thinking. At its best, a college course
should teach students how to pursue knowledge on their own, how to
research and express their own ideas, and how to defend and, as needed,
amend or even reject those ideas on the basis of free intellectual debate.

There is nothing wrong with having a teacher who presents a point of view,
as long as that teacher is honest about it, and open to challenge. My
favorite teachers when I was an undergraduate in the late '60s were
precisely those professors who held strong views with which I disagreed
vehemently, because they forced me to clarify my own thinking and to
defend my own contrarian positions.

What Howoritz and the HR177 resolution backers seek is a bland, neutral
academy where everyone keeps her or his ideas to her or himself. By
bringing a legislative inquisition to campus, these people are really
pursuing an agenda of intimidation and conformity, hoping to silence those
in academe who may hold views out of synch with the national consensus. I
taught once at a school that was like that: Fudan University in the
People's Republic of China.

Pennsylvania is the first state where they've succeeded in passing a
version of Howoritz's insidious redbaiting legislation. The
anti-intellectual crew in Harrisburg was aided in its efforts by a state
media that ignored their campaign until the measure had already passed.
Pennsylvania's main newspaper, the Philadelphia Inquirer, ran no reports
on House hearings on the resolution or even on the final vote. In fact,
the Inquirer's first mention of the resolution-run after the measure had
already passed - was an op-ed rant by a right-wing Penn State education
professor who claimed, with no supporting evidence, that the state's
public higher education institutions were under the tyrannical grip of
minority and feminist professors.

In the 1950s, academics were attacked by Sen. Joe McCarthy and a gang of
right-wing zealots who equated liberals and free thinkers with Communist
fifth columnists and hounded many honorable teachers out of their jobs.
Most Americans now recall that era in embarrassment. Horowitz and a bunch
of right-wing legislative yahoos in Harrisburg, PA seem hell-bent on
reviving that anti-intellectual witch-hunt.

Dave Lindorff is the author of Killing Time: an Investigation into the
Death Row Case of Mumia Abu-Jamal. His new book of CounterPunch columns
titled "This Can't be Happening!" is published by Common Courage Press.
Information about both books and other work by Lindorff can be found at

He can be reached at: dlindorff [at] yahoo.com

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 I met a traveller from an antique land
 Who said: Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
 Stand in the desert... Near them, on the sand,
 Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown,
 And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,
 Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
 Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
 The hand that mocked them, and the heart that fed:
 And on the pedestal these words appear:
 "My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
 Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!"
 Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
 Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
 The lone and level sands stretch far away.

 -- Percy Bysshe Shelley, 1792-1822


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