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Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2005 06:12:43 -0700 (PDT)
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Hi Neighbors for Peace,

This from the net...
 t r u t h o u t | One Mother's Stand
    By Scott Galindez

    Monday 29 August 2005
    8:48 PM

    A beautiful moment just happened at Camp Casey I. There was a candle
light vigil honoring troops who have died in Iraq. The counter protesters
came across the street and joined the vigilers at Camp Casey, They shared
the flag and prayed together for the families on both sides who have lost
loved ones in the war. They are now singing and holding candles together.
This is a testament to the power of this movement ...

    t r u t h o u t | One Mother's Stand

And couple announcements:

Dear Friends,

Do you feel the country tipping away from the war in Iraq? We have many to
thank for that - especially Cindy Sheehan.

But who will help us tip our country towards peace? Jonathan Schell!

We face a choice in America - between a republic based on democracy and
cooperation and an empire based on exclusive control of the world's wealth
enforced at nuclear gunpoint. WE CITIZENS will make this choice, and no one

Jonathan Schell has spent forty years writing about the rise of nonviolent,
democratic power and the fall of every empire of the 20th Century before
the will of the people. We are each a part of this history. FNVW exists to
make you the most powerful agents of peace you can be. Let's together
better learn and play our roles!

Help Us Fill the Fitz with Peace!

Saturday, September 17, 8pm at the Historic Fitzgerald Theater. "WILL PEACE
WIN? The Will of the People and the End of War," by award-winning author
and Nation journalist Jonathan Schell. Tickets are $25 for regular seating,
$50 for premium or $15 discounted. This is a fundraising event.

The presentation will be followed by a backstage wine reception with Schell
for an additional $100.

* Buy a Ticket from FNVW. Call (651) 917-0383 TODAY, if you haven't yet
bought yours yet.

* Invite Your Friends and Sell Tickets - People who sell 5 or more tickets
will be invited to a special workshop with Jonathan Schell. We have
beautiful invitation cards we'd be glad to give you to mail to friends.

* Post Posters - Our striking, blue posters are available through the
office or can be downloaded and printed on a color printer, or at Kinko's.
Just go to, or call us (number above) and make an appointment
to pick them up.

* Help FNVW in the Office - We need help taking ticket orders and stuffing
envelopes. Call or email and let us know when you can come by.

This is our moment, friends. Let us grasp it proudly and confidently!


Phil Steger
Friends for a Non-Violent World
(651) 917-0383

You may have already heard of Eyes Wide Open, the widely acclaimed American
Friends Service Committee (AFSC) exhibition about the human cost of war. 
This powerful outdoor exhibit is coming to the Minneapolis/St. Paul area,
Sept. 30-Oct. 1, and I am among the many volunteers working to spread news
of the event as far into our Upper Midwest region as possible. The exhibit
is being generously hosted by the College of St. Catherine and will be
displayed outdoors at its St. Paul campus. In addition to the boots, we are
planning various related activities  speakers, ecumenical services, reading
of the names, etc.


For some of you, this may not be in your own backyard, but we wanted all
peace and justice groups in Minnesota and neighboring states to be aware of
the exhibit. It has already traveled to more than 60 U.S. cities since
January 2004 and each time, the local reception grows along with the number
of boots.  You may just want to make others aware of the event, or you may
have a group interested in joining us in St. Paul at the end of September. 
We are still in need of both volunteers and donations. We would love to see


A special page at <> outlines
more details about Eyes Wide Open at the College of St. Catherine,
including an online volunteer tool and sponsorship forms to download. For
those of you in the education arena, there is a related curriculum to
reference. Flyers and information sheets can also be downloaded from the
web site to help you promote Eyes Wide Open in your community.  We
sincerely appreciate all you can do to help us spread this AFSC message
about the human cost of war.


And thank you for all you do for peace.


Lisa Graham-Peterson

Eyes Wide Open Planning Committee

Jim Lovestar
Workshops, coaching, and therapeutic massage

Helen Keller said:

"Security is mostly superstition.  It does not exist in nature . . .
avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure.  The
fearful are caught as often as the bold." 

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