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FYI on email list for salons some of you might want to help in this. patty

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Tomorrow's Demonstration...
Monday Dec. 18th 4 pm
Office of Senator Norm Coleman
2550 University Ave.
St. Paul
Demand that Senator Coleman support:
No more raids!
Family Reunification through the release of detainees!
Legalization for all and Comprehensive Immigration Reform!

For flyers visit: http://www.mnimmigrantrights.net
For more information contact Perry Bellow-Handelman, JCA Immigrant
Rights Organizer at Jewish Community Action 651-632-2184 o



Apologies for cross postings. Please let me know if you don't want to
receive these emails (this is a new list that I've created, primarily for
labor & academic contacts interested in hearing about specific
labor/immigrant solidarity actions and events in the Twin Cities).

For an excellent analysis of the Swift raids nationally, see
http://www.workdayminnesota.org/index.php?news_6_2807 And see our website
for more resources on labor and immigration. The raid in Worthington may
create new opportunities within your local and/or classrooms to discuss the
need for just immigration reform. LES staff are available to help with this
and to connect you with other resources in the community-- don't hesitate
to give us a call.

Deborah Rosenstein
Program Coordinator, Labor Education Service
612-626-2034 (phone)
612-624-1585 (fax)
drosenstein [at] csom.umn.edu
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From Doug Mork, Organizing Director UFCW Local 789:

The outrageous raids at Swift plants around the country on Tuesday are an
affront to all of us. You have no doubt followed the stories flowing in
from Worthington and the other five cities of communities terrorized,
families divided and children who still don't know the whereabouts of their
parents. ICE officers were given carte blanche to terrorize over 13,000
people based solely on the color of their skin. Once again, the poor and
disenfranchised have been punished for trying to improve their lives. A
couple of weeks before Christmas on the festival day of Our Lady of
Guadalupe, the current administration has committed another labor atrocity.

In the Twin Cities, labor, community and religious leaders have been
working to respond to the concrete needs of all those suffering from these
actions. President Mike Potter and UFCW Local 1161 have been working around
the clock to respond to the situation in Worthington and continuing efforts
will be made to support them. However, we must also raise our voices
together and cry out for justice.

Please join us for a vigil and rally at Senator Coleman's office at 2550
University Ave. in St. Paul on Monday, December 18 at 4:00. This is an
opportunity to show solidarity with the Worthington workers and community
and call on Senator Coleman to end the raids, reunify families, free the
detainees and support comprehensive immigration reform.

For more information, please call Doug Mork at 612-310-5752. See you there!
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From The MN Immigrant Freedom Network:

Dear Allies and Immigrants,

These are some ways you can help the families and children affected by the
abusive ICE raids in Worthington.

Donate Food, Clothes, Toys
Thanks to Latino Communications Network, this Friday and Saturday from
8am--8pm, donations will be collected at the La Invasora station in Plaza
Verde, 2nd floor, located on the corner of Lake St. and Bloomington Avenue.
Families have expressed the need for basic foods such as tortillas, beans,
rice, cereal, crackers, maseca, baby formula and juice. Due to the holiday
season right around the corner, people would like to see toys and
children's clothes donated as well. Please drop off your donation at the
Plaza Verde building, all donations will be transported to Worthington on
Sunday, thanks to the support of Latino Communications Network. Once the
donations arrive in Worthington, they will be given to the Distribution
Committee who will make sure that all the donations get evenly handed out
to the various locations/organizations that are actively connecting with
families and children who have been affected by the issue.

Donate Money
Monetary contributions are being accepted by Darlene Maklin, United
Way/Chamber of Commerce in Worthington, please call Darlene at 507-372-2919
to let her know how much you'd like to contribute. Money is needed to help
families pay for rent and heating bills due to the economic hit some of
these families are enduring because of the immigration raids.

People are needed in Worthington to help translate (Spanish-English) in
various settings, from helping the media to connect with human stories of
this issue to helping lawyers fill out in-take forms. People are needed to
help the union with food distribution logistics and database building,
increasing capacity to connect with families and help provide general
support for local happenings.

You can help to take a stance against immigration raids by writing letters
to the editor (the Star Tribune, Pioneer Press and your local newspaper) to
point out the inhumane and unjust circumstances regarding the raids. These
raids do nothing to help communities engage with the root causes of
immigration. Raids are unacceptable, they devastate communities,
heartlessly divide families and negatively affect all people, not just
Try to reach out to members of editorial boards in any newspaper to see if
they can publish an editorial taking a stance against these oppressive
Participate in web based conversations to help educate the broader public
about why you believe immigration raids are not the answer, we suggest
logging on to:
The Star Tribune's Buzz http://www.buzz.mn/
The Star Tribune's Crib Sheet, for parents,
The Worthington Daily Globe's commentary,

From Worthington, Mn, la lucha sigue,
MIFN Communications

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Minnesota Immigrant Freedom Network
2500 University Avenue, Suite C8
St. Paul, MN 55114il

freedomnetwork [at] gmail.com

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