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resolution for caucus Tuesday.   patty

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> Save the Mississippi Gorge caucus resolution
> Minnesota's precinct caucuses will be held Tuesday, February 6, 2018, at 7:00 
> pm. To find your Democratic or Republican caucus location go to 
> http://caucusfinder.sos.state.mn.us/ <http://caucusfinder.sos.state.mn.us/>.
> Save the Mississippi Gorge is an effort to protect the unique river canyon 
> running through the Twin Cities. The gorge was carved by glacial meltwaters 
> twelve-thousand years ago. There are already some 20 bridges across the river 
> in the urban Twin Cities and two new single-use crossings are being 
> discussed.  
> To recognize the past, protect the future and make the best use of citizens 
> tax dollars, Save the Mississippi Gorge.
> Resolution
> Whereas, the Mississippi gorge, from the confluence of the Minnesota and 
> Mississippi rivers upstream to the falls now called St. Anthony, is the only 
> true river gorge on the entire 2,350-mile length of the great river, and is a 
> National Park, and
> Whereas, the confluence area is sacred to the Mdewakanton people of the 
> Dakota nation, called B’dote, “meeting of waters” and considered their Garden 
> of Eden, their place of origin, and
> Whereas, already existing bridges beside State Highway 5 across the B’dote
> could serve riders from Saint Paul to the airport and Mall of America, and 
> the Midtown Greenway railroad bridge at 27th Street from Minneapolis to Saint 
> Paul, could be retrofitted to serve bicyclists and pedestrians,
> Now Therefore Be It Resolved that new transportation routes across the 
> Mississippi gorge National Park be retrofitted into already existing bridges 
> for the least environmental damage and most economical cost to taxpayers.
> Background on the Bike/Pedestrian Bridge
> Proposed Bike-Pedestrian Bridge Across Mississippi Gorge Stirs Controversy
> Friends of the Mississippi River article 
> https://fmr.org/proposed-bridge-across-gorge-stirs-controversy 
> <https://fmr.org/proposed-bridge-across-gorge-stirs-controversy>
> Bike/Pedestrian Bridge
> The Midtown Greenway Coalition (MGC) is hiring a consultant, for $7k, to 
> determine the cost of converting the 27th street rail bridge into a bike/ped 
> bridge. Fund raising begins this spring with a $7K challenge match. 
> It is interesting that citizens rather than government are seeking a more 
> environmental, less invasive, less expensive transportation option.
> Note from an inveterate biker: “Midtown Greenway has been floating the bridge 
> idea for some time.  
> We really do not need another crossing.  Lake St and Franklin Ave and Ford 
> Pkwy are good bike routes over the river.
> Franklin Bridge was just remodeled and has two car lanes now, not four.  It 
> is very bike and pedestrian friendly.
> The new bike bridge would not provide a valuable connection for a greenway 
> going east into St. Paul. “
> Background on the Proposed New Bridge Across the Mississippi-Minnesota 
> Confluence
> A new single-use electric trolley bridge is being talked about from St. Paul 
> to the airport and Mall of America parallel to the existing Route 5. The 
> bridge would cross the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area 
> (MNRRA), a 72-mile national park from Dayton MN along the Mississippi south 
> to below Hastings.
> Both the proposed trolley bridge and the bike/pedestrian bridge would 
> interrupt national parkland in both Twin Cities disturbing the continuity of 
> flora and fauna along the river.
> The confluence of the Minnesota & Minnesota rivers, B’dote in Dakota 
> (“meeting of waters”) is considered the place of origin for the Mdewakanton 
> Dakota people, a sacred site comparable to the Garden of Eden 
> (https://www.nps.gov/miss/learn/historyculture/confluence.htm 
> <https://www.nps.gov/miss/learn/historyculture/confluence.htm>).
> Information about the electric trolley from Saint Paul to the airport and 
> Mall of America can be found at www.communityreporter.org 
> <http://www.communityreporter.org/>. Community Reporter is a neighborhood 
> newspaper.
> See, Letter to the Editor in the Dec. issue go to the Home page, click on 
> Archives, and select Dec. 2017, page 3. It is signed, a West End Resident. 
> (And yes, there are two places in the printed piece, with grammatical errors).
> More up to date information can be found in the current, January 2018 issue, 
> by looking at two articles:
> Neighbors Speak Out - "What's Next?" by Kent Petterson. This appears on the 
> front page, and continues on the bottom of page 2, PAC.  Note in the last 
> paragraph that this project has been given a feasibility rating of low/medium 
> in terms of the Federal Government criteria, and that it would need to rise 
> to a medium/medium high rating to have a chance for competitive federal 
> funding.
> On page 2, "Council Perspectives".  Rebecca Noecker, who is both on the St. 
> Paul City Council, and on the Riverview Transit Study Committee, writes about 
> her vote for the streetcar.
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