Re: Setting up Mediawiki
From: Fred H Olson (
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2007 22:03:18 -0800 (PST)
On Fri, 16 Feb 2007, Dirk Herr-Hoyman wrote:

> I'll try to help as I can in getting Mediawiki running on
> I can deal with the unix shell access, if you'd like to send me
> a login, Fred, I can be more directly useful.  I have like 25 years
> of unix experience and won't do anything odd without asking.
> The instructions from Tiger Technologies give a general sense of
> what you need to do.  However, these are specific to that hosting
> service.

Sorry, I guess I did not indicate that Tiger Tech IS the hosting service
where will be. BTW I continue to be amazed with how
impressed I am with Tigertech's support -- see

BTW is an alias domain for a subdomain of So in
different senses is a part of but in other
senses Justcomm is the umbrella around Cohousing-L , and
now . And of course is hosted
elsewhere.  Kind of a tangled web has evolved tho really quite logical in
it's twisted way.

I have yet to compare your measage to Tiger Tech instructions closely so
this is just a brief reply to clarify this one point.

Tho the TT instructions were as of WM 1.7.1 a closer read indicates to me
that the expect them to apply to ver 1.9 .  I have yet to decide whether
I'll try to install myself; I'm at least think I may.

I'd like to feel more confidant about installing software so this sort
of looks like a chace for an easy success.  Tho If you can be available if
complications develop that would be great.

More later.

As it happens this is kind of a busy weekend so I dont know when I'll get
back to this stuff.


> The steps to setup Mediawiki are also documented at
> I would suggest using the "web installation script", that will give
> the default install.  But first, there are prerequisites...
> It would be good to use PHP 5 and MySQL 5.  Do you have those available?
> I'm not seeing any dependancy on Apache 2, though if you have that I
> would
> suggest using it.
> This allows us to be on the most current version of Mediawiki, 1.9.
> There could be some adjustments needed to the PHP configuration,
> depending on how the web server's PHP is configured.  These will
> become apparent right away :-)
> Ok, got to head off to work...
> --Dirk
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> Dirk Herr-Hoyman
> Member of Arboretum Cohousing
> Madison, WI
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