Re: cohousing documents / wiki
From: Andrew Netherton (
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2007 05:20:28 -0800 (PST)
On 2/18/07, Dirk Herr-Hoyman <hoymand [at]> wrote:
It would be great if could provide services, even
if there's a cost involved.t's the key.

What Fred is offering on the is a great way to get this
started.  To keep it going, I do feel that needs to be the
"owner", there should be an "institutional home" for this to be sustainable.

I think I can shed some light on this.

From my conversation with Donna Freiermuth, Coho/US wants to offer a
"premium package" of starter information.  This would not be free, but
available at reasonable cost.  From what I understand it would be a
tailor-made starter kit, gleaned from all the submitted documentation
that will eventually be on the wiki.

The wiki will have EVERYTHING, and it will all be free.  Of course,
you will have to look through a lot of documents to put together the
same kind of package that Coho/US will make, and need someone
experienced to know what to look for.  As I mentioned to Donna, I
don't think these are going to be mutually exclusive projects by any

So we're going to have both - the package developed by cohousing
professionals specifically tailored to help out forming groups, and
the whole mess of absolutely everything.  And I think that's exactly
what is called for here.  If yet another group decides to develop
their own starter package, that would be good too.

Andrew Netherton
Laurel Creek Commons
Waterloo, ON, Canada

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