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Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2007 14:03:45 -0700 (PDT)
I just posted this to cohousing-L.


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rather than on cohousing-L. Wiki-L is a separate list for discussion
to discuss the development of cohousingwiki.

But I wanted to alert everyone to this progress.

A wiki at is up and running.
So far not a lot (but some) about cohousing there but I expect that
will change since anyone can add to it.  I'm thinking about moving
some of the little web pages I've maintained over the years (like the page to cohousingwiki so others can help
maintain it.

Take a look, maybe add something.

We need some guidelines as to what is appropriate in the wiki
(e.g. is it appropriate to have entries for individual communites there
since most communites have separate web sites and have entries at .

Maybe entries at cohousingwiki for communites are appropriate only if
the community does not ahve their own web site.  Otherwise there would
be a lot of duplication and additional maintenance required to keep both
current.  And advantage would be for some kinds of searches.

Surely it would be inappropriate to have a List of Cohousing communities
entry other than as a pointer to the great directory mentioned above.

Note that uploading is not yet enabled but is a priority.  When this is
done we'll be ready for archiving documents.  One of the articles
already there is

We also need folks skilled at reviewing edits and monitoring for abuse
(I am not yet).


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