Would WYSIWYG wiki get more edits?
From: Fred H Olson (fholsoncohousing.org)
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2007 09:19:15 -0700 (PDT)
Tim Mensch (who is subscribed to wiki-L [at] cohousing.org ) wrote on
Mon, 20 Aug 2007 in msg to cohousing-L with subject
"Re: [EE] Fw: Cohousing/HOA Communication Software?" :

> I used TWiki years ago, and was actually responsible for setting one up
> for my current job, but I no longer recommend it. The bar is set very
> high for non-technical users, and frankly I believe that wiki-markup was
> a great, but transitional technology--and that WYSIWYG editing (like
> Microsoft Word or Google Docs) right on the web page is the way things
> should be. Upgrading it for security patches and new functionality is
> also non-trivial, unfortunately, and its mark-up language is very different
> than Wikipedia, which is the one that most users will be familiar with,
> if they're familiar with one at all. Once upon a time it was the coolest
> thing out there, but better systems have evolved.

As you probably have noticed , the media wiki I set up as
wiki.cohousing.org has floundered - there have been relatively few new
articles or edits. Part of that may be the learning curve to Edit Mediawiki.
Requiring registration and logging in may discourage a few folks as well
but the abuse without this was not tolerable. In the quote
above, you do not recommend a WYSIWYG wiki. Is there an open source one
that you recommend?

Today I revised my Wiki example page and renamed the regular web page
that goes with it "Fred's Mediawiki crib sheet". And put links to it
on the wiki.cohousing.org main page and the beginning of the Help page.

BTW I also put on the top of the Main page:

 Articles here about individual cohousing communities ARE DISCOURAGED.
 Instead such information, links to community web sites etc should be
 accessed and maintained at Community Directory on Coho/US. An exception
 might be if a community does not have their own web site and wants to use
 an article here as a simple / temporary web presence tho that could also
 be done on their page in the Community Directory.

I also added a link to http://wiki.ic.org. It's also a mediawiki. It had a
spurt of activity thru July by several active folks - much of it about
cohousing but more recently has had less activity also.

BTW, Tim also wrote on Tue, 21 Aug 2007 in msg to cohousing-L with subject
"Re: common meal signup and $ tracking software available" :

> The host we have for http://tumblerock.org handles Drupal well (that's
> what we're using now for the site), and only costs $6/month for an
> account that size, for instance--and they advertise that they're 
> carbon-neutral,
> which may appeal to cohousers. You can find them at http://tigertech.net

You may be aware but thought I'd mention that Cohousing-L
wiki.cohousing.org are hosted at tigertech.net (See my review at
http://justcomm.org/#tigertech )


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