RE: Incorporation
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Fri, 29 Jul 94 14:53 CDT
David Thomasson  wrote:
> The most useful starting point I found for the legal statements of 
purpose, liability, >etc. required in your corporate constitution is to 
collect as many constitutions from as
>many places as possible.

It would sure be a great asset if there was some sort of central 
cohousing document repository where groups could send their legal (and 
other documents and plans) and forming groups could order copies from.  
Perhaps that is a task one of the consulting companies such as the 
Cohousing Company could take on?  I think as long as the mark up was 
reasonable groups would contribute to it. At Sharingwood we end up 
sending out about 4-5 sets of legal docs a year so I wouldn't think 
that the task of organizing the resource would be that big.  Maybe this 
is something useful which could be organized at the Boulder Conference 
this fall.

Rob Sandelin

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