RE:House Pricing in House Selection Process
From: Pablo Halpern (
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 94 10:39 CDT
> I think it is always hard to decide where we ignore the outside values/no
> and where we follow them.  We are idealists, but to varying degrees, in m
> experience.  

Yes. It took our group over six months to settle on a pricing policy. It is 
primarily based on the appraised value of the houses and the lots, which is 
effectively the estimated resale value. (It's a 3 page long document, but 
I'd be willing to EMAIL it to anybody who asks. Specify Microsoft RTF, 
text, or text-with-linebreaks format.) As one member so elequently put it 
at a meeting, the reason this issue is so hard is that it is one of those 
places where our group's internal sense of fairness comes in conflict with 
the unfair world of banks and appraisers. Unlike other external factors, 
this one does not affect everybody in the group the same way, so it can 
have a divisive effect.

- Pablo

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