Re: Controversy over attached garages
From: Jeffrey O. Hobson (
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 94 13:57 CDT
David Adams' flame:
>Society, by means of the government, imposes taxes on 
>me to help to subsidize the automobile culture.  To me, the automobile 
>symbolizes the entire whitebread mayonnaise suburban monoculture freeway 
>drive-in single=family-house vast-monoculture-grass-lawn fear-of-crime 
>rape-the-earth Gulf War television world.  Yes, we do own a car.  We may 
>sell it after moving into cohousing.

Hooray David!  I've been listening to the garage comments, apalled at the
awful requirements you folks have to deal with, but not wanting to comment
because I
- live in sunny California, not snowy Minnesota
- don't have kids
- never had to make a decision like that (because I live in retrofit cohousing)
- don't want to just vent

Nonetheless, your breath-taking description was delightful.  Sadly, I live
in and am part of some of that too - we have a lawn, although we're slowly
trying to eliminate it; I live in a single-family dwelling, though if I
owned it and had the money I'd convert it.  The flame is fun, and I think it
is good for us to present the heresy of "not buying things new all the
time".  But cohousing is also about trying to move forward together.
Cohousing is mostly *not* full of radicals; it is an alternative to another
kind of home ownership, and it has the ability to change people's
interactions, perhaps fundamentally.  I was glad to see that no one took
obvious offense at David's comments; I hope that was in the recognition that
the radicals will play their role, the moderates theirs.



who is reminded of the discourse happening in *The Nation* recently over the
Isserman & Kazin article chiding liberals for being too hard on Clinton?  

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