Intro: Chas, Diane & Gabriel
From: Charles Ehrlich (
Date: Tue, 4 Oct 94 10:26 CDT
I've just finished fast-forwarding through the gopher server of
historical cohousing-l postings.   What a great resource!  As a
matter of course, I'd like to introduce myself and my family.

I'm Charles Ehrlich (Chas), and first learned about Cohousing 
from Arch 110, a Social and Cultural Factors of Design course in
Architecture at U.C. Berkeley as a student of Architecture back
in 1987.  I now have a B.A. in Architecture and work at the PG&E
Energy Center promoting energy efficient building design.  I have
a consulting business on the side called Space & Light which 
provides Lighting Analysis Renderings and Daylighting Design
services mostly to commercial building project energy consultants.
On a personal level, I have been a member of a mens group in 
Berkeley for five years and have honed my group relationship skills
in that context. 

Diane Simon was involved nearly from the beginning of the Davis
Cohousing group but could not bring together the financial resources
as a single woman (at the time) to purchase and move in.  She is an 
MFCC and a full time Mom.  She also has a sculpture called
"Womb of all Creation" which she crafts and sells to aid people on their
spiritual journeys.  Her psychotherpy specialty is Sand Tray World Play.

Our son Gabriel is a vibrant, inquisitive, bustling, 17 month old. 
His current fascination is with the "move the object across the wires"
toy, toy cars, animal sounds, bubbles and "IDOODA"=I do that, right now!

We currently live in Marin and are jointly developing an Internet
based psychotherapy and alternative health referral network using 
utilizing Mosiac/WWW and httpd.   We are looking
to move into a Cohousing community somewhere in the greater SF Bay 
Area.  We like the idea of Cohousing because it will give us and
our son Gabriel a much expanded support network.  Our capacity to
be resourceful, contributing members of a cohousing group, either
existing or just beginning, are great, but certainly not limitless
considering our child.  Ideally we could join a group as renters
and upgrade our membership as our earning power and relationship 
to the group grows.

We have a permanent Internet link (14.4) at our residence and hope
to check in with this group often!  If you'd like to reach either
of us directly, please address email to diane or chas


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