Re: Re: Architect/developer - Re-orienting
From: ALBERT HARDY 286-6331 (
Date: Tue, 16 May 95 11:12 CDT
MikeM <Mmariner [at] AOL.COM> wrote:
> Maybe some of the architects and developers that are good at working with
> cohousing groups (Like Jim Leach and Dominique Gettliffe here in Colorado)
> should have more seminars and articles and teach-ins to pass the gospel
> around.
I am putting together a one-day short course in co-housing to be offered
by the Continuing Education folks here at Duke (it hasn't been
finalized yet, but they seem supportive of the idea).  I am pleased to
have been able to line up several architects and developers who've done
cohousing work.
We need to do more to get the word out--I'm afraid many people do not
now what cohousing in, but it is such a good alternative to typical
suburbia for many people.  It is disappointing that the Newsweek
article, "15 Ways to Fix The Suburbs", this week did not mention
cohousing.  Of course the design criteria mentioned would help any
development--old or new--IMHO, but cohousing offers something more.
Developers and architects should get by with considering only the
physical design of a space.

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