From: Daniel S. Estabrook (
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 95 12:34 CDT
Name:Dan Estabrook
Marital status: not
Pets: 2 cats
Education (where, what):BA + some 
E-Mail:destabr [at]
Home Address:Highline Crossing Cohousing Community, Littleton Co
Phone # (optional):
Community (if any):Highline Crossing
Location:Next to the Highline Canal, 15 miles South of Denver, 1 mile from work
Stage of Development:2 of six condo/townhouse completed as is commonhouse
10 units occupied, 2 more soon to be, building 2 under construction, etc
What I do for money:work for USWEST as service assurance technician (do
system administration on communications network elements)
What I do for fun:movies,travel,biking,hiking
Favorite thing about community:being in a beautiful place, where you know
everyone, see them often, and connect
Worst thing about community:continuous work to establish the site, sales
to prospects, having to work at job lucretive enough to pay the mortgage
If I was in charge, I would:be a meglomaniac

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