Not About Pets (Mainly)
From: J . Massengale (
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 95 12:36 CDT
>There appears to be an ongoing process whereby I post researched criteria
>developing neighborhoods that promote "social networking" and then someone
>posts a note saying that from their own personal
>experiences/viewpoint/beliefs that the criteria I've posted are wrong and
>then they want to know where the research that I am reporting on is coming
>At the same time, these folks never state what their criteria are for
>developing neighborhoods that promote "social networking"---nor do they 
>offer any research to back their viewpoint "that I am wrong"; instead, they
>try to put me down with some kind of childish comment about "Harry's rules"
>(or some other dreck). 
>In almost every case I tell them that Jan Gehl and others have spent 30
>and more researching this whole field and to contact Gehl for the scoop. But
>I never get the impression that any of these folk ever contact Gehl. 

Dear Harry,

You made a long list of suggestions for reducing construction costs and I
thought some of them contradicted research that's been done for making
communities. I asked you to give evidence to the contrary. What's wrong with

As for what I said, I did give criteria, based on my own experience, other
people's experience, other people's research and the history of towns and
cities. Some of that was in the bibliography I gave you, which it's clear you
haven't read.

How are we supposed to have discussions if your only response to anyone who
questions you is "read Jan Gehl"? Other people in the group have made it
clear that they don't think that is enough of a response.

Respectfully yours,

John Massengale

P.S.: RE PETS -- the son of my dog was prominently featured in the Newsweek
cover story *Bye Bye Suburban Dream, 15 Ways to Fix the Suburbs* These dogs
have been involved in community making for a long time now
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