RE: tours and brochures
From: Rob Sandelin (Exchange) (
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 1995 03:24:57 -0500
At Sharingwood we have been very generous about giving tours when ever =
someone calls.  There are three of us who do most the tours and it seems =
to be working fine.  I am giving a tour this afternoon as a matter of =

We try and screen folks to some extent and give tours to those who seem =
truly interested.  Usually we invite them to come to dinner as well to =
experience a community dinner.  I typically give the tours for other =
cohousing and community groups.

We do no direct outreach and have had about a dozen tours per month over =
this summer.  Our brochure is very simple, with a map of the site on it =
and some basic info about the community (size, number of adults and =
kids, future plans, etc.)  At our entrance we have a bulletin board with =
info as well.  We seldom do tours without prior appointment however. =20

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