Northeast Group
From: Cohomag (
Date: Thu, 2 May 1996 13:42:55 -0500
Monty Berman asked for information about cohousing in the Northeast.
Although there are of course many cohousing groups in the Northeast, there is
not really a regional group per se.  The Northeast CoHousing Quarterly,
formerly a standalone publication, has been for the past two years a standard
"regional insert" of the national CoHousing Journal.  Contacts are Stella
Tarnay in Cambridge (617-491-4392) and Bruce Coldham in Amherst
(413-549-3616; email brucecol [at]
The CoHousing Journal is published quarterly by The CoHousing Network,
P.O.Box 2584, Berkeley, CA 94702; 510-526-6124.  $25.00 per year; sample
issues $5.00.  The journal provides news and information about the
development process as well as life in CoHousing communities.  Four-page
regional inserts (8 altogether) report on the activities of groups around the
United States and Canada.  
-Don Lindemann (cohomag [at]
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