Oooops. Inadvertant posting brings up sex again!
From: Joani Blank (
Date: Tue, 8 Oct 1996 02:46:12 -0500
A message inadvertently sent to the list by Tony Rocco asked if I am the
person who owns Good Vibrations, the world's best sex toy and book and video
store and mail order business. Enough people have responded to me personally
that I might as well tell all of you that yes, I am the founder of said
company--in business almost 20 years--though no longer the owner. It is a
worker coop now. Yay for employee ownership! Fred (Olson) has also dubbed me
"sex therapist to the cohousing community." Although I think this is a
little much, I'd be happy to answer your sex questions if  I can and if
you'll address them to me personally at jeblank [at] Or ask the Good
Vibes staff through the web site at  Now let's get back
to important stuff like cohousing!

Joani Blank
Emeryville (doyle st.) and Oakland (swan's mkt.), CA

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