RE: Multi Family Strawbale Housing
From: Mmariner (
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 1996 12:35:51 -0500
Rob S sagely advises checking with banks before getting too committed to a
technology such as straw bale.

We all have the perception that banks tend to be very conservative and to shy
away from anything that is unfamiliar, especially things that are "unproven."

But many of these alternative building methods *are* proven to be sound by
engineers, architets, building inspectors, etc., and are obviously a whole
lot more sustainable.   (As I write, I'm watching/hearing another "all wood"
luxury house being built across the street.)  Sigh.

And somewhere (web sites, magazines, books) there must be documents that
could be used as evidence of how viable these are.  How about adding more of
this to the cohousing resource guide or posting in the archives.  The more we
propagate this kind of information, the easier it will be for future groups
to "sell" the concepts to banks, building inspectors, etc.  

The information should include specifics about cities and bulding sites where
the structures did pass muster with existing inspectors and bankers.  Let's
share this wealth of information and make use of the pioneering work being
done to reparadigm the building industry!  Let's leverage our cohousing
residents' participative role in the planning process to move toward

Michael M


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