RE: community ownership of vehicles
From: lilbert (
Date: Sun, 23 Aug 1998 23:18:14 -0500
Ditto for us at Souhside Park.  It's alot like musical cars here, with 
people buying cars from each other, borrowing, trading, etc.  Once alot 
of people move into a community, and they already have 1 or 2 cars per 
household, there really isn't a need for buying extras.  There are people 
who don't like to share their cars, and that's perfectly reasonable, too. 
 Often, if my husband has the car, I'll go out into the parking area and 
see whose car is there that I can borrow. I've lived here five years and 
have yet  to be unable to get where I need to go. Rarely, I may need to 
put off an errand for awhile, but that's it.

Liz Stevenson 
Southside park Cohousing

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