Fw: Cohousing and car sharing
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Date: Tue, 21 Sep 1999 10:51:07 -0600 (MDT)
Have you heard of such communities in Ontario? Are there any other types of
communities besides cohousing and cooperative?


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>>I doubt cohousing will ever evolve much in the way of car ownership
>>The private property ownership model of cohousing is very intrenched in
>>Cohousing definition and Americans in general,and  this is one of the
>>filters of cohousing.  Next to a house, a car is the next most expensive
>>property and status that Americans own. Since you filter in people who
>>home ownership important, then sharing car ownership is not likely to find
>>much interest. I would suspect that in communities that do not have home
>>ownership as a central tenet, that sharing ownership of cars would be
>>easier. For example, I know of 4 income sharing communities that share
>>ownership of their fleet.
>>The private ownership boundaries of cohousing set some clear limitations
>>most groups. For instance, I have not heard of cohousing groups sharing
>>income or doing income support when a member loses their job. In the condo
>>model that most groups adopt, each individual is responsible for their own
>>mortgage and if you can't cut it economically, well, see you later. So
>>economic support is not typically part of cohousing, and sharing a car is
>>large economic issue.

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