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Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2001 14:01:01 -0700 (MST)
There is another 'ritual' - one that happens on a daily basis.

It's an important 'ritual' - because it builds community as much or more
than any other fashion. Its the use of the public open spaces between the
houses in a cohousing neighborhood (or any neighborhood anywhere).

Traditionally in the western world - for the past 500 years - people see the
open public space between the houses as an extension of their living room -
and carry on much (almost all?) of their socializing/community building in
that 'open space public living room'. Again this happens minute by minute
every day of the year! Unless there are barriers (accidental or on purpose)
set up to prevent it.

Its the main feature that makes any city, town, neighborhood livable (or
not). As often as not - neighborhoods built in the last 50 years have more
barriers set up to prohibit socializing/community building in these 'open
space public living rooms'- that is prevent this socializing community
building process.

- Harry

 on 11/11/01 10:40 AM, Bob Bolt at rbolt [at] wrote:

> Hi,
> We're developing a presentation about rituals in cohousing for our new
> member orientation meeting. We researched the archives and found a question
> posed a few years ago by Rob Sandelin about how coho communities use
> rituals. There were several excellent responses. Based on those responses,
> we organized cohousing rituals in these groups
> * seasonal (for example, solstice)
> * meeting (for example, a ritual to end all meetings)
> * family events (for example, a community member experienced a death in
> their family)
> * project milestones (first family moves into their house)
> Since a few years have passed since the question was posed, we are wondering
> if anyone who did not respond then would like to share with us rituals being
> used in your cohousing community (regardless of your stage of development).

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