Marmoleum vs. Hardwood
From: Lydia & Ray Ducharme (
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 11:29:04 -0700 (MST)
Hi everyone,

We're thinking of putting hardwood down in our common dining room.

Can anyone share their experience with this?  How is it compared to other
products for sound transmission (such as marmoleum)?

Thanks for your help.

Lydia Ducharme
Prairie Sky Cohousing Cooperative
Calgary, Canada
Scheduled completion May 2003
3 units left out of 18
(formerly WholeLife Housing)

Bernie, I can't remember how I got on it.  I'll ask the list and will cc you
with any answers I get.  Lydia

Lydia, How do I go about sending a message to the cohousing chat room (or
whatever it is) that you mentioned today?  I will try to get some feedback
on the sound transmission comparison between marmoleum and hardwood.  To
date I have asked flooring people- but they are just interested in selling
their own product so I don't trust their objectivity.  In any case, I have
not been told of any significant difference between hardwood and marmoleum -
they both have a smooth finish that is hard enough that reflects most of the
sound that hits it.  Cushion flooring apparently has some benefit - but we
definitely don't want this material in the common house for durability
reasons.  I think whether we go with marmoleum or hardwood that we must be
anticipating the need to place sound absorbing ceiling materials and/or
panels.  Bernie

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