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Here at Two Echo Cohousing in Brunswick, Maine, we're trying to prepare
ourselves for designing our common house.  [Some of you may have heard
this before, but this time I think we mean it!] We'd like to learn what we
can from those of you who have commo n houses -- try to have our mistakes
be new ones rather than those that have already been made by others... 

One member made the delightful suggestion that we should ask for "guest
speakers" from other communities who could show us pictures and/or plans,
and tell us of the community's experience, and let us ask lots of
questions.  This posting is to try to conne ct with individuals who might
be willing to do this. 

Or course we would dearly love to have such guest speakers come here in
person, and I would hope that we can find some volunteers in the New
England area who would be willing to come to Maine to do so.  Although we
obviously don't have guest accomodations in a common house, we do have
guest accomodations in individual houses.  And we have beautiful
cross-country ski trails, and an ice skating pond, and glorious fields and
woods and warm fires and hot cocoa.  And 19 families in residence who
would be most appreciative of your time and effort.  You don't have to be
The Design Expert from your community to play this ambassadorial role.  If
you have an inkling that you might enjoy sharing your experience with
another community, please send me an email. 

If the idea sounds good but it's not feasible to travel to Maine, how
about a phone (or video?) conference?  While this wouldn't give us much
chance to show our hospitality, it could still be a fun and informative
session.  Again, let me know if the idea intrigues you, and we'll figure
out what will work.  


Zeke Holland --

Two Echo Cohousing, where the kids are hoping for LOTS more snow this year
than last (I hope so too -- just not on Fridays when I'm signed up to
clear the paths!) 

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