Guess who's coming to the cohousing conference!
From: Ellen Orleans (
Date: Wed, 21 May 2003 13:35:03 -0600 (MDT)

Guess who?s coming to the cohousing conference!  Nearly 50 cohousing
communities from across the United States will be attending this year?s
National Cohousing Conference.  

What about yours?!

(This year?s conference will be held June 19-22 in Boulder, Colorado.
To register visit us online at )

Community members of:

Altair Cohousing
Arcadia Cohousing       
Ashland Cohousing       
Berkeley Cohousing                  
Blueberry Hill     
Cambridge Cohousing  
Casa Verde Commons             
Chesapeake Cohousing Group              
Cincinnati Ecovillage                 
Clearwater Common Cohousing
Concord Village           
Cornerstone Village      
Cotati Cohousing          
Culver Way                  
Doyle Street                 
Earthsong Eco Neighborhood
Eastern Village Cohousing         
Fairview Park               
Harmony Village           
Heartwood Cohousing
Jamaica Plain Cohousing           
Liberty Village              
Manzanita Village         
Mosaic Commons Cohousing               
Muir Commons
Nevada City Cohousing            
Nomad Cohousing        
Oak Creek Commons              
Pacifica Cohousing            
Pioneer Valley 
Pleasant Hill Cohousing             
River Rock Commons              
Sandhill Farm               
Sangha Cohousing                    
Sonora Cohousing
Sunward Cohousing                  
Swan?s Market             
Takoma Village            
Tierra Encantada          
Tierra Nueva                
Walnut St. Co-op
Wild Sage Cohousing               
Wilsonville Cohousing               
Yulupa Cohousing

Shari Leach
Wonderland Hill Development Co.
303-449-3232 x 107
shari [at]


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