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Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2003 20:09:13 -0700 (MST)

Karin Landsberg wrote:

Any input would be helpful! Also, I am particularly curious
to find out the reasons groups have chosen to go with local architects and developers or ones who are more familiar with the particulars of creating cohousing.

I am writing from the perspective of an architect, not a co-housing group, so please take my comments in that light. I do not have a particular opinion for or against local architects, but here is a piece of information for you to put into the mix when you are making your decision. Part of an architect's role is to understand all aspects of the site and local conditions (physical & non-physical) before designing, and then during construction the architect is usually obliged by law to inspect construction (every 2 weeks is standard, although this varies depending on the project)and often must write and stamp a Certification letter to local authorities that the project has been constructed as per the stamped approved plans (the plans upon which the building permit is based)and as per the Building Code. You should find out right away what your local authorities require in this regard. An out of town architect must then add travel time and costs to his fees. Some simple calculations (plane fares, accommodation, hourly rates etc.) will show that these costs could become significant. Sometimes an out of town architect will enter a 'joint venture' with a local architect to minimize these costs. But then you are dealing with 2 architects, and the questions arise-'which one is legally liable for what aspect of the project. If there is a problem, whose responsibility is it? If you want an ask to a question, who do you ask? etc. As I said, I'm not a proponent of one approach or the other, but these are some things to consider. Hope it helps a little, and good luck!!
James Kacki

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