Re: Communicating a clear vision vs. screening
From: Terri Huggett (
Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2005 13:31:19 -0800 (PST)

I am no expert on this topic as our group is just forming.  We are however
in the visioning phase, so we are currently steeped in the process and its

I believe Kevin is trying to emphasize the need for clear visions/goals that
are prioritized so the community understands its values and can evaluate
proposals and make decisions based on them.  This also would apply to
bringing in new community members.  Instead of screening the potential new
members per se, the emphasis might be on clearly communicating your vision
and priorities so the potential new members would understand if they are
interested in that kind of community or not.  Legally, screening is a very
dicey issue.  I believe the idea is to give the potential new members enough
clear information so they can self-screen and have that also meet your
community needs.


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> Kevin:
>      I gather that screening is a useful practice in regard to prospects.
> We did not ask  screening questions when we were trying to get the last of
> our new units sold.  We were so concerned about selling out, that anyone
> that signed the papers was in.  They signed an agreement about living as
> integral part of our community but I doubt that they gave it much thought.
> As a result, we have a few members who do not have a goal of cooperative
> community building.  They are more concerned with imposing their needs or
> goals upon the community, whether the community is comfortable with it or
> not.
>     Thank you for the suggestion about screening.  We have two units for
> sale now, and I think that screening will help us prevent the mess that we
> are in.
> Norm Gauss
> Oak Creek Commons
> Paso Robles, CA
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> > Norman
> > Goals also need to be prioritized. Are safety goals more important
> > than ecological ones? Is an affordable goal more important than a
> > kids goal?  It will be difficult but not impossible to agree on the
> > top 3-6 primary goals of the community that never used priority goals
> > as a screen for who moved  in.  With such a  list and some guiding
> > principles, a community can gain the foundation needed for consensus.
> > It is always easier to have these agreed upon at the beginning than
> > after members have bought their units.
> >
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