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From: Joani Blank (
Date: Tue, 27 Dec 2005 15:51:20 -0800 (PST)
In her excellent response to the folks from Kamloops, Diane Simpson included this much appreciated (but completely unsolicited) testimonial for The Cohousing Association and promo for our February Project Management Workshop (details and online registration at Thanks, Diana.

I'd like to correct one small error in Diane's fine post. And that is a suggestion to readers that they join Coho/US (nickname for the Cohousing Association of the United States). You cannot "join" the Association anymore because the Coho/US (formerly the Cohousing Network), has just passed the second year anniversary of our decision to no longer be a membership organization.

As we are still too small to be garnering grants to support our still young organization, we are completely dependent on the generosity of our sponsors (bigger donors), annual contributions from (still way too few) groups and communities and the (fully tax deductible) donations of individuals who want to see cohousing flourish in North America, that is, people like you and me.

It's not too late to make a year-end contribution to Coho/US, either online at or by sending a check to 1750 30th Street, #617 Boulder, CO 80301-1036. Donations of any size will be much appreciated! After the first of 2006 is a fine time to donate too, if you can't quite get it together before the end of the week.

Joani Blank
former Board member of Coho/US and Coordinator of our July 2006 National Conference in North Carolina...... p.s. I feel sure you'll agree that our all-new Association website to be launched shortly after the New Year, was worth the wait. It's really swell (she says, dating herself)

Here's what Diane wrote that I'm referring to above:

Join CohousingUS--even though it has "US" in its name it is still a
valuable resource for Canadians. Example: the upcoming cohousing
project management workshop  Feb 4-5 2006, in Berkeley California.
"There will be panel style and will address the unique challenges,
issues and best practices of cohousing development. Professionals with
varying styles and approaches will be presenting. Time will also be
available for individual consultation." Check it out! You will learn
priceless information that will save you years of aggravation and
learning from the school of hard knocks.

Once again, here's where to check it out:

Joani Blank
Cell: 510-387-1315
joani [at]

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