Re: How many teams do you have?
From: Ellen Keyne Seebacher (
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2008 09:49:23 -0700 (PDT)
I'm not sure how useful this is, since we have not yet moved in --
that's just three or four months away now! -- but Mosaic Commons has
the following standing teams:

  * Coord (overall planning team)
  * Community Support (including conflict resolution)
  * Facilitation (meeting planning and facilitation)
  * Finance
  * Tech/Website (mailing lists, Web site, other tech support)

These have been useful during the design phase and may or may not
become standing teams:

  * Basements (for policy on community-owned basements)
  * Furnishings (now known as "Resources", for community-owned items)
  * Garden
  * Green (environmentally-focused design, grants)
  * Mechanicals (for design/purchase of common mechanical systems)
  * Professionals (our liaisons with architects, real-estate attorney, 
    et al.)

These have been useful as we build the community and may or may not
become standing teams:

  * Affordability
  * Diversity (trying to make our community more diverse, and educating
    members on interacting with others who have different values)
  * Childcare (parents and provider liaison, for childcare at meetings)
  * Marketing (gets people to intro meetings)
  * Membership (follows them from intro meetings to equity membership)
  * PR (explains the community to the media, town boards, media)

Various ad-hoc teams over the years have included:

  * Land/Site (land search/acquisition)
  * Design and its subteams -- Carports, Electrical, Kids' Room, Kitchen,
    Landscape, Specs, Private Units, Workshop
  * CommStyle (communications styles)

And we share these teams right now with Camelot Cohousing, as we design/
plan for Sawyer Hill EcoVillage:

  * SH Internet
  * SH Marketing (a very active team, as we still have units to sell!)
  * SH Office
  * SH PR
  * SH Site Work

If I've divided them up or explained them badly, someone else from
Mosaic should jump in and correct me. :)

        Ellen Seebacher
        Mosaic Commons / Sawyer Hill EcoVillage, Berlin, MA
          (still with available units, both market-rate and affordable!)

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