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Date: Mon, 13 Jul 2009 10:43:20 -0700 (PDT)
Some but not all of that info is in the cohousing directory..

David Hornick wrote:
I'm looking for information regarding cohousing in the United States.  The
following list is extensive, but by no means exhaustive.  Perhaps other
listserve members could add to the list.

Specifically, I'd like to see a listing of cohousing communities (in a
spreadsheet if possible) that provides the following information:

1.  Name of community, location, website, contact info and number of homes
and total size of property at startup
2.  Target group by age, ethnicity, philosophy
3.  Size of units:  average and range
4.  Cost of units with breakdown of cost of land, architect fees, cost per
square foot to build
5.  Yearly taxes
6   Length of community's lifetime
7.  Cost appreciation / depreciation of units since inception
8.  Turnover rate per year per home
9.  Demography - children under 13, teenagers, adults under age 65 and over
age 65 and over age 85
10.  Use of alternative energy
11.  Creation / use of community garden
12.  Common house size, cost (per homeowner and overall), utilization and
specific components / functions implemented at start and continued or
13.  Special characteristics of community
14.  Outcomes:  expected, unexpected, hoped for, realized, unrealized
15.  Percentage of community's children who seek higher education
16.  History of community with aging-in-place of older members
17.  Policies regarding functional / cognitive decline / emotional health.
18   Policies and experiences regarding mutual self-help
19.  Means of marketing of the community at time of development and
20.  Use of universal design principles to help assure compatibility of the
homes over the lifespan of the resident.

I wonder if lack of easy access to this information discourages
participation in cohousing.  While I agree that the economy plays an
enormous role, it's not helpful to assume that it is the only factor at work

If a prospective owner had answers to these (an other) questions, perhaps
there would be less reservation about committing funds to become an
associate of full member of  a cohousing community.

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