Re: Question about common meals/ Celiac disease
From: Craig Ragland (
Date: Thu, 16 Jul 2009 12:44:57 -0700 (PDT)
And salad bar
And pasta bar
And potato bar
And sandwich bar
And omelet bar
And soup bar
And burrito bar (which is really just a taco bar with burrito wraps

other "bar" ideas? Songaia is always on the look-out for new meals
that serve diverse needs really well. Over the years, the diversity of
special needs just keeps growing. We had no vegans until a couple of
years ago, when two of our vegetarians decided to "go all the way."

For dinner tonight, I'm making a big salad bar, accompanied by left-overs....

Tonight is Songaia's first test of a new "simple meal" concept (one
cook/one cleaner). We've used 2 cooks/2 cleaners since 1991, with
extra folks helping sometimes. With all our vacations, we be a bit
short on labor over the next several weeks - so we need to adapt.

To this end, I got a call last night from our current "slot-filling
nudge" asking if I'd cook with Chris on Saturday morning (I said yes).
Chris is about 9 years old and has started taking the the lead cook
slot on occasion. This only works if there's either patience (his
meals are often late) or a focused adult cook to back him up. The
nudge decided a backup was necessary since we have a general meeting
immediately after breakfast (late wouldn't be such a good option this

Songaia Cook/Cleaner since 1992

On Thu, Jul 16, 2009 at 11:44 AM, Mariana Almeida <missmgrrl [at]> 
> In my experience, "Taco bar " is the best meal to make for many food 
> sensitivities. It's a mix and match meal where people assemble their own 
> tacos, so if you don't want something you don't take put it on your taco!
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> From: R.N. Johnson <cohoranda [at]>
> We have a lot of different food issues within our group.  We decided as a 
> group to accommodate everyone's needs.

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