Art of Community/Laird Schaub group process training and FIC houseparty this Sat May 15 at Berkeley Cohousing
From: Raines Cohen (
Date: Tue, 11 May 2010 02:49:05 -0700 (PDT)
Cohousers, this Saturday we're hosting at Berkeley Cohousing
(actually, Betsy is hosting, as I'll still be in Berlin, on my way
back from the International Cohousing Conference in Stockholm), a
couple of events that provide a rare opportunity to experience
intentional community (co-ops, EcoVillages, cohousing, and even group
houses) group process, plus to learn more about the movement. Please
do spread the word to whoever you think might enjoy such things,
whether it's someone dreaming of community living or annoyed because
they don't like long meetings over who didn't do the dishes... the
tools are out there, the models abound, for how to make it fun and

Raines Cohen, Cohousing Coach
East Bay Cohousing

Dear Cooperators, Communitarians, Cohousers, EcoVillagers, and
Like-Minded Kin in the Bay Area,

Please join us this SATURDAY May 15 at Berkeley Cohousing for three
special events to benefit Fellowship for  Intentional Community hosted
by East Bay Cohousing

For full details, pictures, and to RSVP (space being somewhat
limited), visit our website, with free membership.

2-6pm: Training/Workshop in The Art of Community Facilitation with
LAIRD SCHAUB, Executive Secretary of Fellowship for Intentional
Community (FIC).   A low-cost (by donation), fun, hands introduction
and experiential learning with a real master of the art! This also
previews of an upcoming series with Laird starting in September.

6-7pm: Potluck Social

7-9pm - FIC Houseparty/Info Session - Learn about FIC, the communities
movement,  what FIC does, and how to get involved! This is a
fundraiser, so do bring your checkbook!

For many more details and to RSVP for each event, go to the East Bay
Cohousing website:

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