Manual of nuts & bolts
From: marclancy (
Date: Tue, 11 May 2010 15:56:29 -0700 (PDT)
Following are the words of our Social Capital Chair, Su Neidringhaus: 

"In the interest of making our community, Harmony Village of Golden, CO, 
sustainable and continuing to enjoy the benefits of a diverse and invested 
group of people, we want to create support for the buyers and sellers of our 
homes. We plan on doing this by understanding our future vision for our 
community, giving clear, honest, consistent information to interested buyers, 
providing a current list of interested buyers to the seller, MOST IMPORTANTLY 
providing a manual of nuts and bolts tips for selling a cohousing home, and 
providing a variety of financial strategies for purchasing a home." 

Rather than re-inventing the wheel, do any of you have a manual you have 
developed & are willing to share with us, helping us with this undertaking? 

Marilyn Clancy Sauriol 
1007 Cottonwood Circle--Harmony Village 
Golden, CO 80401 
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